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You’ve prob­a­bly all heard of Dyson, that brand that makes those fans with­out any blades? Dyson calls the tech­nol­ogy be­hind these blade­less won­ders “Air Mul­ti­plier Tech­nol­ogy”. Re­cently, they re­leased a new gen­er­a­tion of fans called the Dyson Cool, here’s how they work.


The orig­i­nal Dyson fans were some­what noisy, so Dyson took a good look at the de­sign and fo­cused on re­duc­ing tur­bu­lence – a waste of en­ergy and a source of noise. “We slowed the im­peller and re­moved ob­struc­tions to cre­ate a smoother, qui­eter flow of air. This al­lowed us to drop mo­tor power, save en­ergy and re­duce emis­sions.’’ says David Dos Reis (Lead engi­neer on the new Dyson Cool fans). The end re­sult, is that the new Dyson Cool fans ma­nip­u­late the fluid na­ture of air to great ef­fect. Here’s what hap­pens when you switch one on.

1. Nine asym­met­ri­cally aligned blades pull air into the Air Mul­ti­plier at a rate of up to 20 litres per sec­ond.

2. The air flows through a chan­nel in the pedestal up the in­side of the main tube.

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