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The prob­lem with find­ing a gift for geeks is the fact that they most prob­a­bly al­ready have the lat­est gad­gets that they want. Let’s face it, just how many iPhone 6s or PlaySta­tion 4s does some­one need any­way? So, how do you get a geek ex­cited about Valen­tines? In­tro­duce more tech­nol­ogy into their ev­ery­day lives; the quirkier the bet­ter.


WWW.DJI.COM If you think the Par­rot Drone’s too ca­sual and en­try level, the In­spire 1 will sat­isfy you com­pletely. It’s a drone that comes with a 4K cam­era that you can stream footage straight to a con­nected smart gad­get, per­fect for ur­ban re­con­nais­sance mis­sions or mak­ing your own OK Go master­piece. Get an­other con­troller and you’ve got the per­fect geek cou­ple ac­tiv­ity, as you’ll both be able to con­trol the drone si­mul­ta­ne­ously, with one con­trol­ling flight while the other mans the cam­era.


The MICA’s the re­sult of col­lab­o­ra­tion be­tween Open­ing Cer­e­mony and In­tel. It’s a smart de­vice that com­bines ev­ery fea­ture you’d need into a chic bracelet (be­ing a geek doesn’t mean you can’t be fash­ion­able). There’s a dis­crete dis­play at the base that in­forms you of all your im­por­tant events (like catch­ing the next episode of The Flash) as well as mes­sages and other no­tices. The bracelet even vi­brates to alert you when some­thing re­quires your at­ten­tion, with­out alert­ing any­body else to it.


SKY­LOCK.CC The Sky­lock So­lar Pow­ered lock is an au­to­matic lock (you can man­u­ally un­lock it too) that’s so­lar pow­ered, but the cool thing about it is that it hooks up with your smart­phone and lets you con­trol it with an app. You can even set it to auto un­lock based on prox­im­ity. Who needs phys­i­cal keys any­more? The Sky­lock isn’t tech­ni­cally avail­able yet, but if you’re in­ter­ested you can al­ready pre-or­der it on the de­vice’s web­site. WWW.OPEN­INGCER­E­MONY.US/ MICA


WWW.ETON­CORP.COM The FRX5 is an emer­gency weather ra­dio with lights and USB charg­ing ca­pa­bil­ity that can be pow­ered via elec­tric­ity, bat­ter­ies, so­lar pow­ered, hand cranked or by tears. Ok, maybe not tears. Apart from wind and wa­ter, there’s pretty much no other en­ergy source that the FRX5 doesn’t cover. It’s per­fect for camp­ing out, plus you can use it to charge up your drone when it’s low on power too. Win win!


WWW.G-SHOCK.COM As a geek, be­ing at the fore­front of tech is im­por­tant. Con­trol­ling your mu­sic via Blue­tooth head­phones? So passé. The G’MIX GBA-400 lets you do the same thing on your wrist and more. Feel like James Bond as you fid­dle with di­als. In­stead of lasers com­ing out from your watch, it’s in­vis­i­ble Blue­tooth sig­nals! Use those sig­nals to find your phone if it’s miss­ing with the built in Phone Finder func­tion or search for the mu­sic you want via Mu­sic Search.


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