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Once again, our read­ers have cho­sen Sony as their fa­vorite gam­ing con­sole maker. To re­cap, there are two PlayS­ta­tion 4 con­soles: the PlayS­ta­tion 4 Slim and PlayS­ta­tion 4 Pro. At its name im­plies, the PlayS­ta­tion 4 Slim is a slim­mer and more en­ergy-ef­fi­cient up­date of the con­ven­tional PS4. On the other hand, the still-pretty-much-out-of-stock­ev­ery­where PlayS­ta­tion 4 Pro has a higher-clocked pro­ces­sor, a beefier GPU, and sup­ports 4K gam­ing and HDR.

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