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Sum­mer Les­son: Hikari Miyamoto

HWM (Singapore) - - TEST - by Sale­hud­din Husin (GameAxis)

A nov­elty game to show off the PS VR, but too lit­tle con­tent for its $79.90 fee.

It seems like ev­ery PlayS­ta­tion gen­er­a­tion has a kooky, off-beat weird game for it. The PS1 had Tail of the Sun, the PS2 had Kata­mari Da­macy, and the PS3 had Eye of Judg­ment. Well, the PS4 has Sum­mer Les­son, and it re­quires PlayS­ta­tion VR too.

Sum­mer Les­son is a sliceof-life sim­u­la­tion game. You have a week to tu­tor a girl called Hikari Miyamoto so that she can pass her ex­am­i­na­tions – with the game bro­ken into dif­fer­ent sec­tions per day. Les­son plan­ning is done in the be­gin­ning, where you pick a sub­ject to teach. You can see what skills the sub­ject will raise, mak­ing it easy to gauge what you want Hikari to im­prove on. You can also use con­ver­sa­tion topic cards (which you get from suc­cess­ful lessons) and op­tional con­sum­ables, which will trig­ger spe­cial scenes af­ter the day’s lessons are over. These items are mainly of the fan ser­vice va­ri­ety. Lit­er­ally. In one case, it trig­gers a scene in which you must fan Hikari from a heat­wave.

Once the whole rig­ma­role is done, you are taken back to your café/home base, where you are pre­sented with the day’s sum­mary. Af­ter that, you re­peat ev­ery­thing all over again un­til the week is done.

There are a few no­table is­sues with miss­ing trans­la­tions or late sub­ti­tles, es­pe­cially if you’re not a na­tive Ja­panese speaker and reader. Luck­ily, the sub­ti­tled dia­log in Sum­mer Les­son is much bet­ter than other Asian English trans­lated ti­tles, such as Gun­dam Breaker 3 or Su­per Ro­bot Wars OG. It’s much more or­ganic and nat­u­ral, which makes it more en­joy­able and be­liev­able.

For a VR ti­tle, Sum­mer Les­son isn’t bad look­ing. En­vi­ron­ments are well ren­dered and are be­liev­able enough. How­ever, the star of the show, Hikaru, looks a tad plas­tic, like a Bar­bie doll for the lack of a bet­ter de­scrip­tion.

It’s puz­zling who the game is tar­geted at. There is, quite hon­estly, too lit­tle fan ser­vice to please the otakus, and barely any game­play for se­ri­ous gamers to be in­ter­ested in. As it stands, Sum­mer Les­son is noth­ing more than a VR cu­rios­ity. Here’s to hop­ing char­ac­ter and con­tent DLCs will be added soon.

The café is where you re­view the day’s progress and setup the next day’s lessons.

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