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Sony’s new pro­jec­tor can con­vert any at sur­face into a 23- inch “touch­screen.” Us­ing Sil­i­con X- tal Re ec­tive Dis­play tech­nol­ogy, the Xpe­ria Touch reads phys­i­cal touches with its built- in 60fps cam­era and IR light de­tec­tion. The pro­jec­tion is 23- inches wide, and it can be dis­played ei­ther in hor­i­zon­tal or ver­ti­cal ori­en­ta­tion. Plus, the Xpe­ria Touch’s ac­cess to apps on the Google Play store en­ables the pro­jec­tor to do things like make Skype video- calls, us­ing its two- way speak­ers.

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