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When­ever pos­si­ble, I like to take food photos in nat­u­ral, in­di­rect sun­light, as di­rect sun­light tends to cast harsh shad­ows and can eas­ily lead to over­ex­posed photos.

If you’re tak­ing photos in a café/restau­rant, try to get a win­dow seat where the light isn’t shin­ing di­rectly onto the ta­ble. Sun­light in the morn­ing and late af­ter­noon al­ways tends to be gen­tler too, cast­ing a gen­tler shadow.

With good nat­u­ral light­ing, photos don’t need as much edit­ing but a few tweaks in Light­room will help to make your im­ages re­ally stand out. I like to make sure that the white bal­ance is not too yel­low­ish and that there is enough con­trast be­tween white/blacks. Some­times when the color tem­per­a­ture is tuned cooler, it brings out vi­brant blue shades in­stead. Counter this by go­ing into color mixer and de­sat­u­rate the blues.

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