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1. Ba­sic Color set­ting

I al­ways start by ad­just­ing the white bal­ance of an im­age as it in­stantly makes the photo brighter.

2. Color Mix Set­ting

De­pend­ing on the im­age, I usu­ally go into “Color Mix” to make tweaks to specic col­ors. I tone down blue sat­u­ra­tion as food items look bet­ter in warm tones.

3. Ba­sic Light Set­tings

Next, I work on the ba­sic light set­tings. My norm is to use Auto mode just to see how this af­fects the im­age. It usu­ally does the trick for most photos, re­quir­ing just some tweaks to the shad­ows, whites and blacks af­ter to get the ef­fect that I like.

4. Se­lec­tive Ad­just­ments Set­tings

Af­ter that, I take a look at the photo to see what ar­eas need to be tweaked. Usu­ally food items like roast beef or sautéed mush­rooms lose their depth due to the lack of vi­brant col­ors. This is where ra­dial se­lec­tive ed­its come in handy. In this im­age, I’ve light­ened the shad­ows over the mush­rooms so that more texture can be seen. The lime has also been light­ened so that it ap­pears more vi­brant in the photo and not over­cast by shadow.

5. Find­ing the right bal­ance

As men­tioned above, White Bal­ance ad­just­ments al­ways help to perk up a photo. It’s also one thing friends al­ways ask how to get right! In Light­room Mo­bile, the white bal­ance picker helps if you can se­lect a neu­tral area, but some­times man­ual ad­just­ments are still re­quired. It’s al­ways good to have some­thing black or white in the photo if you’re just start­ing to un­der­stand white bal­ance. An­other trick is to leave a small piece of pa­per that has both black and white at the side of your photo. Use the white bal­ance picker to de­tect the white bal­ance off that then crop it off af­ter. 6. Com­po­si­tion Use ta­ble props to en­hance the nat­u­ral am­bi­ence of the lo­ca­tion. Or if you’re geeky enough to carry note­books/ gad­gets in your bag, they can also come in use­ful to ll up spa­ces in your com­po­si­tion.

Usu­ally cafés are dec­o­rated with ow­ers or lit­tle dis­play items you can bor­row for your setup, but al­ways re­mem­ber to put the items back. Com­po­si­tion can be tricky some­times in small spa­ces like cafés but there’s al­ways the Pho­to­shop re­place tool to get rid of el­e­ments in the photo which shouldn’t be there. Then comes the en­hance­ment. Be­cause food plat­ing usu­ally in­volves many el­e­ments, some of which do not stand out much, Light­room’s Se­lec­tive Edit tool comes in handy. Most of my photo edit­ing is done on-the-go now, so Light­room Mo­bile is my fa­vorite app.

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