Ar­maged­don MKA-3c Psy­ch­falon

+ De­cent build qual­ity. - No per-key light­ing or other more ad­vanced con­trols.

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Armaggeddon’s MKA-3C Psychfalcon key­board is tar­geted not at key­board en­thu­si­asts, but at gamers on a bud­get who want to see what the fuss over me­chan­i­cal key­boards is about.

For starters, the key­board feels fairly weighty at 976g. It’s denitely not as solid or heavy as some­thing like a Filco, but it doesn’t feel like some­thing you picked up from the bar­gain bin ei­ther. The me­tal body feels sti and rigid, with no dis­cernible ex to its chas­sis.

The Psychfalcon is outtted with Outemu Blue switches, which are very sim­i­lar to Cherry MX Blues. They are tac­tile and clicky, and fea­ture an op­er­at­ing force of around 60g. The very dis­tinct click that comes with ev­ery key press means that they are also very noisy to type on, so you’ll want to bear that in mind if you in­tend to use this key­board in the o ce.

These switches are also mod­u­lar and hot swap­pable, so you can pluck them out and re­place them with a new switch if you do get bored of how they feel. That’s sim­i­lar to what Tecware o ers, and it’s nice to see this level of ex­i­bil­ity at this price point.

The key­caps are con­structed out of ABS plas­tic, which is known to wear eas­ily and take on an un­pleas­ant shine over time. Still, this is pretty much stan­dard fare for most key­boards, even those that cost twice or even triple the price, so I can’t re­ally fault Armaggeddon here.

The sec­ondary legends are pad-printed be­low the translu­cent legends, with clear la­bels for var­i­ous me­dia con­trol func­tions and light­ing modes. The legends are printed as quite a thick layer over the key­caps, and you’ll no­tice them the minute you run your nger over the key­caps.

That said, pad-print­ing is way less durable than some­thing like dou­bleshot mold­ing, which the Tecware key­board uses.

Fi­nally, the Psychfalcon fea­tures RGB light­ing for those who like their LEDs. The good news is that the light­ing is quite even, as the key­caps with dual legends have them sit­ting side by side, so they’re both sit­ting di­rectly above the LED.

The key­board sup­ports true driver­free op­er­a­tion, and you’re meant to do ev­ery­thing on the key­board it­self. How­ever, this means you don’t get more ad­vanced fea­tures such as per-key RGB back­light­ing and are limited to just nine di er­ent light­ing e ects and nine game light­ing proles.

The Outemu Blue switches here are mod­u­lar and hot-swap­pable.

The key­board ships with key­cap and switch pullers.

The key­board uses fairly thick pad­printed legends.

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