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Lovers of contemporary art will find a diverse range of works at Galeries Bartoux, which showcases modern and contemporary works, including paintings and sculptures by great artists from around the world.

5. The leader of the American pop art movement and eclectic genius, Andy Warhol, explored the relationship between artistic expression, celebrity culture and advertisement that flourished in the 1960s. He created this portrait of Queen Elizabeth II, an original silk-screen print from the Royal Edition with diamond dust and accents.

6. Grand Triptyque Noir, by influential 20th-century Spanish abstract artist Joan Miró, is an original colour etching and aquatint (a type of etching that creates sunken lines on a copper or zinc plate) with carborundum (a type of man-made crystal). Known for his surrealist art, Miró often expressed biomorphic forms, geometric shapes, and semi-abstract objects in multiple media and bold colours.

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