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Many equate ad­ven­ture with wanderlust, but it’s re­ally much more than a de­sire to travel. For the in­sa­tiably cu­ri­ous, it could be any form of wild dis­cov­ery that sat­is­fies their in­quis­i­tive­ness. To oth­ers, ad­ven­ture might be a sub­tle means of over­com­ing in­ner de­mons – fear, bore­dom, lone­li­ness, in­se­cu­rity.

What­ever the case may be, it’s a pri­mor­dial trait of the hu­man race to pos­sess a sense of ad­ven­ture. How else could Homo sapiens have been around – and ad­vanced so swiftly – in the last few hun­dred thou­sand years?

So we’ve ded­i­cated this is­sue to ad­ven­ture, ex­plor­ing its var­i­ous facets, both lit­er­ally and me­taphor­i­cally. We look into the roller­coaster times that fash­ion is go­ing through; cre­ate fash­ion and beauty spreads in­spired by equine sta­bles, lost tribes and the tem­pes­tu­ous sea; and serve up all the must-haves for those who lead a peri­patetic way of life.

Eleanor Roo­sevelt once said, “The pur­pose of life is to live it, to taste ex­pe­ri­ence to the ut­most, to reach out ea­gerly and with­out fear for newer and richer ex­pe­ri­ence.”

Join us as we head boldly into the wild.

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