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With only 250 bot­tles drawn straight from cask, The Glen­livet Kin­rossie Sin­gle Cask Edi­tion is ex­tremely ex­clu­sive and avail­able only in Sin­ga­pore. Alan Winch­ester, mas­ter dis­tiller for The Glen­livet, re­veals more about this ex­cep­tional re­lease. By Rachel

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The Glen­livet Kin­rossie Sin­gle Cask Edi­tion is ex­tremely ex­clu­sive and avail­able only in Sin­ga­pore

Tell us more about The Glen­livet Sin­gle Cask Edi­tions range. When did it be­gin, and how many edi­tions have there been thus far?

The Glen­livet Kin­rossie Sin­gle Cask Edi­tion has been crafted for con­nois­seurs look­ing for a rare and unique whisky steeped in the her­itage of the Spey­side re­gion. Each cask is ex­clu­sive and unique to each mar­ket and of­fers a truly unique tast­ing ex­pe­ri­ence that ex­plores and The Glen­livet Style. Since 2005, The Glen­livet has re­leased a num­ber of Sin­gle Cask bot­tles, and the de­mand for the Sin­gle Cask Edi­tion has in­creased year af­ter year.

What is the story and sig­nif­i­cance be­hind the name “Kin­rossie”?

The Glen­livet’s rep­u­ta­tion as a su­pe­rior whisky re­sulted in it be­ing ex­ported out of the Glen­livet Val­ley through smug­gling trails by il­licit dis­tillers in the 18th and 19th cen­tury. As an homage to the jour­ney of the sin­gle malt, we have named each sin­gle cask af­ter a land­mark along the orig­i­nal smug­gling routes. The Glen­livet Kin­rossie Sin­gle Cask Edi­tion is named af­ter the an­cient ham­let, one of the land­marks along these smug­gling routes.

What dis­tin­guishes the Kin­rossie Sin­gle Cask Edi­tion from other of­fer­ings from The Glen­livet?

The Kin­rossie of­fers the purest ex­pres­sion of The Glen­livet style. It has been bot­tled at 60.4 per cent cask strength and with­out chill fil­tra­tion. This gives whisky con­nois­seurs the clos­est ex­pe­ri­ence pos­si­ble of drink­ing a dram straight from the cask.

Was there any­thing dif­fer­ent about the dis­til­la­tion process or tech­niques used to pro­duce this sin­gle malt as com­pared to oth­ers?

We are con­stantly evolv­ing our of­fer­ing whilst stay­ing true to tra­di­tional meth­ods. The dis­til­la­tion used is the same process, which has made the The Glen­livet world- renowned. The process re­mains the same, which is what makes it so very spe­cial.

What is the dif­fer­ence be­tween chill and non- chill fil­tra­tion, and how does the Kin­rossie Sin­gle Cask ben­e­fit from be­ing non- chill fil­tered?

Hu­man per­cep­tion of flavour is com­pli­cated; some peo­ple will find whiskies less palat­able if they’re hazy. A clearer liq­uid can be seen as a sign of qual­ity. How­ever, some peo­ple feel that by fil­ter­ing out spe­cific com­pounds, you’re tak­ing away flavour or chang­ing the mouth­feel. In taste tests, non- chill fil­tered whiskies are of­ten judged as “fuller”, “rounder” and “richer” than their chill fil­tered coun­ter­parts. It is very dif­fi­cult to de­fine the true dif­fer­ence in flavour and what is per­ceived, which over the years, has led to this sub­ject be­ing hotly de­bated.

Talk us through the ex­pe­ri­ence of con­sum­ing the Kin­rossie Sin­gle Cask. What are some of the flavours and sig­na­tures of The Glen­livet that whisky lovers can look for­ward to?

When drink­ing the Kin­rossie Sin­gle Cask, your nose will pick up the aro­mas of creamy vanilla and soft but­ter­scotch tof­fee, with fruity pears and glazed cher­ries. It has a long and smooth fin­ish and is full of sweet­ness from honey, juicy peaches, can­died pear sweets, and de­li­cious fruity or­ange choco­late. The Kin­rossie Sin­gle Cask will pro­vide whisky fans with the op­por­tu­nity to ex­pe­ri­ence The Glen­livet in its purest form.

Sin­ga­pore is a small coun­try. Why did The Glen­livet choose to make this edi­tion, with less than 250 bot­tles, avail­able ex­clu­sively here in­stead of in Europe, or a larger coun­try?

The Hogshead that we’ve used for the Kin­rossie is of ex­cep­tional qual­ity, and some­thing we feel the dis­cern­ing Sin­ga­pore mar­ket will ap­pre­ci­ate. Hence, it is ideal to re­lease this limited edi­tion ex­clu­sively to Sin­ga­pore.

In your opin­ion, what is the best way to en­joy the Kin­rossie Sin­gle Cask?

I am a firm be­liever that peo­ple should be en­joy­ing The Glen­livet the way they want, as long as that is re­spon­si­bly. For my taste, I will be en­joy­ing Kin­rossie Sin­gle Cask with a lit­tle water.

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