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If you’re prone to Mon­day blues, take a bite of this news: Kiwi fruit may help im­prove your mood, a study in the Jour­nal Of Nutritional Sci­ence re­ports. Af­ter men with low vitamin C in­take ate two of the fruit ev­ery day for six weeks, their scores on a mood test im­proved by 35 per cent. The ef­fect was es­pe­cially strong among men who started out with the worst test scores. The sci­en­tists point to the vitamin C den­sity of the fruit, which is the top source among fresh fruit. The nu­tri­ent plays a big role in emo­tion-sta­bil­is­ing brain func­tions. Not a kiwi fruit

fan? Pineap­ples, straw­ber­ries and or­anges are also great sources of the happy vitamin.

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