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Like calcium, tak­ing in too much iron sup­ple­ments can make it hard to go. That’s be­cause high con­cen­tra­tions of iron can slow down your colon’s motil­ity, says Dr Schey. Guys should take in 8mg of iron a day, and most do a good job get­ting all they need from their di­ets (think lean meats, seafood, spinach and beans). In fact, if you’re com­ing up as iron de­fi­cient in your lab work, that’s not some­thing for which you should just blindly pop pills.

“Iron- de­fi­ciency ane­mia in a man re­ally re­quires an eval­u­a­tion,” he says. It can sig­nal gastrointestinal bleed­ing, so it’s im­por­tant that your doc is on the case.

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