What An Older Woman Wants In Bed

Mas­ter il­lu­sion­ist David Cop­per­field shares his tricks for stuff you re­ally want gone.

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1 Your Beer Gut

An es­sen­tial tool of any ma­gi­cian is mis­di­rec­tion. The key is mak­ing the dis­trac­tion en­gag­ing. In one study, peo­ple who were asked to watch for spe­cific things in a video failed to no­tice a man in a go­rilla suit walk­ing through the shot. If you don’t want your gut no­ticed, give peo­ple some­thing more in­ter­est­ing to fo­cus on. Or try ex­er­cis­ing. Maybe you need some mis­di­rec­tion from those na­chos.

2 Your Past

What was I think­ing with that mul­let? Don’t be de­fined by your re­grets. If you dwell on the past, so will ev­ery­one else. Con­cen­trate on what’s next. What are you do­ing ev­ery day to chal­lenge and re­de­fine your­self? (It’s an­other form of mis­di­rec­tion!) I don’t have to do magic shows any­more, but I love push­ing the art in new di­rec­tions, rein­vent­ing my­self, sur­pris­ing peo­ple, de­fy­ing ex­pec­ta­tions.

3 Lip­stick on a Col­lar

You re­ally need a ma­gi­cian for this one? Throw it in the washer or buy a new shirt. Why is she kiss­ing your shirt any­way? Maybe it’s time to talk to her about her aim. Un­less, of course, we’re talk­ing about lip­stick be­long­ing to a woman who isn’t your sig­nif­i­cant other. In which case, Romeo, it’s not the lip­stick that needs to dis­ap­pear – it’s your sense of en­ti­tle­ment.

4 Your­self, from a Party

Ah, the Ir­ish Good­bye. Or where I’m from, the New Jersey Good­bye – slid­ing from a party with­out ex­cuses and apolo­gies. When I’m incog­nito, I’m not wear­ing a dis­guise or dark glasses. It’s about pos­ture. If you change how you move – timid in your pac­ing, re­served in your pos­ture, less con­fi­dent in ev­ery­thing – it’s like you’re in­vis­i­ble. You can walk out the front door and no­body will no­tice.

5 Credit Card Debt

Cut up those cards and pay them down. Then just make bet­ter choices with your money. Spend­ing money is fine. But in­vest in your­self, in the things you truly love. I have a re­sort in the Ba­hamas called Musha Cay, and I in­vested in a mu­seum of magic. I had a chance to in­vest in Uber, which would’ve been smart. But in­stead I bought Houdini’s pool ta­ble. I have no re­grets.

6 Your In­ter­net His­tory

Oh, for­get about this one. Things in cy­berspace have the stay­ing power of Stone­henge. The only cure for this is to walk into a burn­ing build­ing, leave your wal­let, and then make a quick es­cape and find a guy who can give you a new iden­tity. Start your life over from scratch. And then stay off Face­book. Or at least stop post­ing pic­tures of your­self do­ing stupid stuff.

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