GET THIS: Roli Se­aboard Block.

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READY FOR: Cre­at­ing some of the most ex­pres­sive mu­sic a syn­the­sizer could ever pro­duce. The Se­aboard Block is iden­ti­cal to its big brother, the Se­aboard Rise, but in a much more por­ta­ble, light­weight pack­age. The sur­face features 5D Touch tech­nol­ogy, which means you’ll be able to pro­duce dif­fer­ent sounds ac­cord­ing to the way you touch it. Touch to sim­ply play a note, glide your fingers side to side and bend its pitch, or even slide up and down to mod­u­late the sound. Own one and it’s like hav­ing a per­sonal orches­tra you can put in your back­pack. THE BEST PART: What’s bet­ter than hav­ing a por­ta­ble orches­tra? Two of ’em. You’ll be able to con­nect two Se­aboard Blocks to­gether, ex­pand­ing your mu­si­cal pos­si­bil­i­ties for even greater ex­pres­sion. Is this the fu­ture of mu­sic? You tell us. COST: US$299.95 ($415),

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