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For the long­est time, Hol­ly­wood has in­spired the world to big­ger and bet­ter. Ar­guably, the grow­ing aug­mented real­ity mar­ket to­day be­gan while we gaped at Tom Cruise us­ing a ges­ture-based user interface in Mi­nor­ity Re­port, and Nike’s Hyper­A­dapt 1.0- which just got re­leased re­cently- is re­ally a fulfilling of dreams be­gun in 1989 when Marty McFly sported a pair in Back to the Fu­ture.

But it’s not just tech where fantasy has be­come real­ity. The num­ber of guys who started work­ing out se­ri­ously af­ter watching Brad Pitt flex in Fight club is im­mea­sur­able, and given we spend as much time on our Playsta­tions as we do watching movies, even fit gam­ing char­ac­ters like Kratos have the power to in­spire- which is why we put the Game of War char­ac­ter on our cover this is­sue.

Here’s two other movie mo­ments I pop into Youtube to watch when­ever I need some fit­spi­ra­tion be­low. 1. Rocky IV’s train­ing mon­tage. To avenge the death of Apollo Creed, the Ital­ian Stal­lion ex­iles him­self to Siberia to train for a fight against Soviet cy­borg Ivan Drago. While Drago trains like a high-tech ma­niac un­der the scru­tiny of Rus­sian sci­en­tists, Rocky goes analog by way of lift­ing rocks, out­run­ning cars, and shoul­der-press­ing ox yokes. 2. Chris­tian Bale’s Crazy Car­dio In Amer­i­can Psy­cho “In the morn­ing if my face is a lit­tle puffy I'll put on an ice pack while do­ing stom­ach crunches. I can do 1,000 now.” So says the tit­u­lar Psy­cho, played by a lean and ripped Chris­tian Bale. The rest of his rou­tine, which also in­cludes jump­ing rope and cal­is­then­ics, is fairly ba­sic but, hey, it was the ’80s. CrossFit hadn’t been in­vented yet.

And here’s a bonus one- go check out Jean Claude Van Damme’s crazy train­ing route in the old-but-gold classic Kick­boxer. You’re wel­come.

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