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Three kinds of pull-ups are com­monly seen in the gym. Know the pros and cons of each be­fore you let any­one change your pull-up form. DEAD-HANG PULL-UP At the bot­tom of the pull-up, you fully re­lax all your shoul­der and back mus­cles, and pause. From there, you pull up. PROS You’re us­ing a full range CON­STANT-TEN­SION This is the gold stan­dard pull-up; you main­tain ten­sion in your back at the bot­tom. PROS You get to strengthen KIPPING PULL-UP A ver­sion in which your shoul­ders swing for­ward and snap back, build­ing mo­men­tum to pro­pel you up­ward. of mo­tion, which means you get a good stretch on all your back mus­cles. The pause min­i­mizes cheat­ing.

CONS You’re leav­ing your shoul­der lig­a­ments vul­ner­a­ble to strains. your back and arms while keep­ing your shoul­der lig­a­ments safe.

CONS The move is far harder than it looks; eight good con­stant-ten­sion pull-ups can chal­lenge most fit guys.

PROS This one will chal­lenge your en­durance while still help­ing you de­velop up­per-body strength.

CONS If your shoul­der sta­bil­ity isn’t flaw­less, you’ll eas­ily hurt your shoul­ders. Think twice be­fore do­ing this.

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