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If brown fat can turn white, can white fat turn brown? It’s a hot area of re­search. In­ves­ti­ga­tors have found a third type of fat called beige fat that can be ac­ti­vated so it has fat-burn­ing power. “Beige fat tends to be em­bed­ded in

sub­cu­ta­neous fat, which may be why sub­cu­ta­neous fat is rel­a­tively be­nign and may even be pro­tec­tive,” Dr. Co­hen says. “Our dream is to find a phar­ma­co­log­i­cal tar­get—five to ten years away—that would turn un­healthy white fat to healthy brown fat.” You may

al­ready have a nat­u­ral way to make beige fat brown. New re­search sug­gests you can turn on the beige- fat fur­nace by notch­ing your home’s ther­mo­stat down to 19 de­grees C or be­low for ten hours a day. Cold temps ac­ti­vate beige fat to keep you warm.

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