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what if you had only five watches to live with the rest of your life? It’s a ques­tion I con­stantly ask my­self when rea­son­ing out a pur­chase. Do I like it enough to add it to my list of five? What about it stands out? Does it ful­fil a func­tion I need it to? Thank­fully, there are no im­po­si­tions on a man’s watch col­lec­tion (your wife’s opin­ion may vary) but with seven days in a week and 52 weeks in a year – what does a man re­ally need on his wrist?

Some of the best con­ver­sa­tions I’ve had in the past year have re­volved around the ques­tion. Some men are size kings – only stop­ping to look at a watch if it’s huge while oth­ers in­sist on brand names. A friend of mine swore an al­le­giance to the Crown, stat­ing that his five watches could all be Rolexes. An­other said that he’d prob­a­bly give up his col­lec­tion be­cause five was an im­pos­si­ble task.

As for me, my imag­i­nary five would all have to fit func­tions. Two dress watches, one in white gold with a black leather strap and one in red gold with a brown leather strap (to match the shoes, you see). The other three would have to be daily beat­ers – versatile as hell and ready for anything I throw at them. Over the years, my five have only changed every once in a while but it’s a great ques­tion to iden­tify a man’s taste since it’s truly sub­jec­tive. A watch, af­ter all, means some­thing dif­fer­ent to every­one and the di­vi­sive taste for horol­ogy is truly what drives the in­dus­try fur­ther.

So take a minute to an­swer the ques­tion. Get your friends in on it too. It’s a good way to know what mat­ters to you in those tick­ers we love so much. We hope you en­joy the sup­ple­ment. It might just tweak your imag­i­nary five.

Sean mossadeg SE­NIOR WRITER Instagram: @sean­mossadeg

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