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Four adorable Star Wars

crit­ters you'll love.

We wish these cute crit­ters from

STARWARS were real.

1. Porg

With its roundish body and doe-like peep­ers, the Porg is a sea-dwelling bird that can be found on the is­land of Ahch-To, where Luke Sky­walker ex­iled him­self to be­fore the Bat­tle of Crait. Chew­bacca tried to eat one, but couldn’t be­cause it was star­ing at him with big, puppy eyes.

2. Vulp­tex

This fox-like crea­ture used to live in bur­rows be­neath the planet of Crait. Af­ter the Rebel Al­liance left their out­post on Crait, the Vulp­tices be­gan to roam free. The an­i­mal has crys­talline fur re­sult­ing from a diet of Crait's min­eral sur­face.

3. Ban­tha

Al­though huge and in­tim­i­dat­ing at first glance, Ban­thas are, in fact, peace­ful and gen­tle. These hairy mam­mals were do­mes­ti­cated and used by the Tusken Raiders as mounts. Their blue-hued milk can be drunk or made into yo­ghurt, ice cream and but­ter.

4. Taun­taun

The Taun­taun is a non-sen­tient lizard that's a hy­brid of a Llama, Ram and Tyran­nosaurus. Found on the snowy plains of Hoth, these crea­tures were used for pa­trol duty by the Rebel Al­liance. Jabba the Hutt kept a stuffed Taun­taun head in his palace be­side a frozen Han Solo.

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