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from mobyspet­shop.com Price: $14.30 for 7 litres

Fea­tures: In­fused with char­coal for im­proved odour control, the pel­lets in this lit­ter are made of pa­per, which is non-abra­sive and gen­tle on paws. Biodegrad­able, non-toxic, dust-free and flush­able in small amounts, the heat­ster­ilised nat­u­ral fi­bres neu­tralise am­mo­nia odours quickly while pre­vent­ing the growth of bac­te­ria, mould and fun­gus.

Ver­dict: The lit­ter is highly ab­sorbent, so only a small clump needed to be re­moved each time Mimi peed. The pel­lets even clung to poop, so there was lit­tle to no odour re­gard­less of whether she was do­ing a num­ber one or two. Even when wet, the lit­ter did not stick to the box or to her fur and paws. Hence, there was no track­ing at all. As the lit­ter box didn’t smell, we only had to change her lit­ter once a day in the morn­ing. It’s a great op­tion for en­closed ar­eas.

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