It’s tough love when it comes to cats, but even though they might give you the stink eye, they do love you deep down. We think.

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Un­der­stand­ing a cat’s tough love.

1. I can’t walk be­cause he keeps rub­bing against my legs. No one’s a big­ger fan of your gams than Puss. When cats rub their bod­ies against your legs, they’re show­ing af­fec­tion—and stak­ing their claim on you.

2. He digs his claws into my thighs.

Kit­tens of­ten knead their mother’s side to stim­u­late milk flow—a be­hav­iour they re­tain into adult­hood. When your cat kneads your lap, he’s try­ing to tell you that he feels safe around you. Un­for­tu­nately, the hap­pier Puss is, the deeper he’ll dig his claws into you.

3. We of­ten have stare-offs and I lose ev­ery time.

Don’t worry, your cat isn’t plan­ning world dom­i­na­tion when he stares at you. Cats dis­play af­fec­tion by star­ing and blink­ing slowly. It’s Puss' way of telling you that he trusts you and is of­ten con­sid­ered the equiv­a­lent of be­ing kissed. Stare on, kitty.

4. He brings me dead lizards and cock­roaches.

Cats are ex­cel­lent gifters and will bring you an as­sort­ment of good­ies, even if they might be gross to you. When they give you th­ese of­fer­ings, they’re shar­ing their hunt with you. If you’re not wor­thy, they wouldn’t bother.


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