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I did not learn my first ma­jor les­son in life at school, but from my best friend’s dad. He be­lieved “a man should never judge, or pre­sume to judge some­one; he should never make as­sump­tions or draw con­clu­sions only from what he sees or ob­serves. What lies un­der­neath may be more com­plex”. It didn’t seem to have much rel­e­vance at the time but I cer­tainly learnt the im­por­tance of it as I pro­gressed through life, along with hun­dreds of other use­ful or ran­dom pieces of in­for­ma­tion and knowl­edge that have shaped who I am and how I live. Some of us are for­tu­nate to have par­ents, rel­a­tives or ac­ci­den­tal men­tors to guide us and teach us im­por­tant life skills. Those who don’t have to fum­ble through social sit­u­a­tions without know­ing how to con­duct them­selves, to the cost of un­in­ten­tion­ally of­fend­ing some­one or los­ing an im­por­tant op­por­tu­nity. Whether you be­long to the first or sec­ond group, you may find some­thing in these pages that may amuse, en­lighten or even change you, be it a life skill or a ran­dom fact. Though it is called “Rules for the Mod­ern Man”, it could just as well be ti­tled “Things You May Find Use­ful”. It is a com­pi­la­tion of what I’ve learnt in the last three decades. I hope you find it use­ful, and per­haps even want to pass it on to some­one in fu­ture, so they may also dis­cover the old- school rules of be­hav­iour, which re­ally aren’t so old af­ter all.

“What a strange power there is in cloth­ing.” Isaac Ba­she­vis Singer

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