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Age­ing hap­pens. There’s not much that we can do about it, even though sci­enc­tists are con­stantly striv­ing to un­earth the prover­bial foun­tain of youth. We can how­ever try to grow old grace­fully and look great at any age – less in the way of Michael Jack­son, more like Robert De Niro.


The Sun, while be­ing the prime source of en­ergy that en­ables ecosys­tems to thrive, is also re­spon­si­ble for ul­tra­vi­o­let ra­di­a­tion that causes ge­netic dam­age to the lay­ers of our skin. More specif­i­cally, UVA and UVB ra­di­a­tion can cause me­lanomas. Use a UV fil­ter to min­imise ex­po­sure. UVB also ex­ac­er­bates the pres­ence of freck­les on the skin. Sun­screen is some­thing that should be used not as a van­ity, but as self de­fence. Al­ter­na­tively, a hat works too.


Every­one has a dif­fer­ent level of tol­er­ance when it comes to skin care. But your morn­ing ablutions start the day right. Car­ing for your skin shows you pay at­ten­tion to your­self. Dr Paul Jar­rod Frank, global der­ma­tol­o­gist and skin­care tech­nol­ogy ex­pert for Lab Se­ries, sug­gests that the min­i­mum you should do on a daily ba­sis is to ap­ply a mois­turiser with a sun pro­tec­tion fac­tor. “Men of­ten go to the strong­est prod­uct to try to solve spe­cific skin is­sues, without in­clud­ing the sim­plest steps first, such as cleans­ing the skin prop­erly and us­ing daily sun pro­tec­tion.”


Lab Se­ries sug­gests a sim­ple and easy two- or three-step stan­dard. Start with a cleanser to wash your face clean. It gets rid of grime, se­bum (thatʼs skin­care talk for oil) and dead skin that builds up over time and cause break­outs. An op­tion is a toner that closes up your pores, sim­i­lar to how af­ter­shave works.

Fi­nally, use a mois­turiser. Your fa­cial skin tends to be more del­i­cate than your body, and thus needs to be tended to. Itʼs also more ex­posed to the en­vi­ron­ment. A mois­turiser helps your skin cells re­tain mois­ture and

Sun Pro­tec­tion Fac­tor

The rec­om­mended stan­dard is a SPF of 15 or higher, that ab­sorbs over 90 per cent of UV rays. Make sure you select a sun­screen that de­fends against UVA and UVB rays. In ad­di­tion, there are phys­i­cal and chem­i­cal sun­screens. The former uses ti­ta­nium and zinc ox­ides to do the job. The lat­ter uses chem­i­cals.

stay healthy and firm. Slap on the SPF af­ter youʼre done, or use a mois­turiser with an SPF value. The en­tire process takes less than five min­utes once you’ve got the hang of it, and it will have you look­ing sharp and feel­ing good be­fore you step out.


We sweat all the time. We just donʼt re­alise it un­til our shirts are drenched and stained. On any reg­u­lar day, men tend to sweat twice as much as women when the body tem­per­a­ture rises due to weather or phys­i­cal ac­tiv­ity. Sweat stains look unattrac­tive, par­tic­u­larly if you have the ten­dency for pit stains. The so­lu­tion is sim­ple: wear an an­tiper­spi­rant. An­other al­ter­na­tive is to wear a T-shirt un­der your work wear. If you are prone to body odours, donʼt try to mask it with a fra­grance. Stay fresh by tak­ing a lunchtime shower.

Get Your Own Gear

Men’s skin dif­fer from women’s. We have thicker skin that thins out with age, while that of the fairer sex tends to re­main con­stant till around the age of 50. The point to this is: Don’t steal your girl­friend’s skin­care prod­ucts. They won’t nec­es­sar­ily work for you. Get your own stuff.


New skin­care so­lu­tions on the mar­ket such as those by Lab Se­ries now of­fer mul­ti­ple ben­e­fits in single prod­uct, such as the MAX LS Age­less Power V Lift­ing Cream. “The Power V treat­ment boosts mois­ture and col­la­gen, re­duces fine lines, tight­ens con­tours and lifts the skin. We can com­bine mul­ti­ple in­gre­di­ents into one single prod­uct. Men don’t feel so over­whelmed by the choices, and they can use a prod­uct that tar­gets mul­ti­ple is­sues to see re­sults.”

Tech­nol­ogy in Skin Care

Gin­seng and other or­ganic prod­ucts are in­creas­ingly pop­u­lar in men’s skin care. But apart from good in­gre­di­ents, Lab Se­ries also uses in­no­va­tive tech­nolo­gies that target the five core prob­lems men face in age­ing, such as the in­crease of fine lines and re­duced col­la­gen in skin.

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