Aiyoh! How do you stick to a diet with our huge list of 149 hawker favourites? It’s doable!


With 149 dishes to choose from, Shape helps you with your food bat­tles and sheds light on some shock­ing facts.

Hawker food is shiok but let’s face it, it’s not the healthiest grub around. Still, more of us are eat­ing out at hawker cen­tres, food courts and cof­fee shops – and fre­quently. Ac­cord­ing to the Health Pro­mo­tion Board’s 2010 National Nu­tri­tion Sur­vey, over 45 per cent of res­i­dents are nosh­ing to their belly’s con­tent six times a week and more. To help you avoid be­com­ing a walk­ing time bomb, we help pick your hawker food bat­tles with this guide.

Abalone noo­dles, soup (502g) 244kcal, 33g carbs, 18g pro­tein, 2.5g fi­bre, 5g fat (1.7g sat­u­rated), 33mg choles­terol, 1,544mg sodium, 2g sugar

Ah balling, yam and peanut (86g) 79kcal, 9g carbs, 2g pro­tein, 3.4g fi­bre, 4g fat (0.9g sat­u­rated), 5mg sodium, 5g sugar

Ang ku kueh, green bean (70g) 141kcal, 28g carbs, 3g pro­tein, 4.3g fi­bre, 2g fat (1g sat­u­rated), 26mg sodium

Ayam buah keluak (662g) 811kcal, 21g carbs, 60g pro­tein, 3.6g fi­bre, 54g fat (17.3g sat­u­rated), 340mg choles­terol, 2,891mg sodium

Buboh cha cha (355g) 536kcal, 52g carbs, 7g pro­tein, 8.2g fi­bre, 34g fat (30.1g sat­u­rated), 128mg sodium, 38g sugar

This dessert is loaded with sugar and fat, but the sweet pota­toes are high in sol­u­ble fi­bre. “So be sure to ask for more sweet potato,” says Ja­clyn.

Bak kut teh (458g) 324kcal, 28g pro­tein, 23g fat (9.4g sat­u­rated), 153mg choles­terol, 1,316mg sodium

Bak­wan kepit­ing (497g) 497kcal, 1g carbs, 15g pro­tein, 1.2g fi­bre, 9g fat (3.3g sat­u­rated), 34mg choles­terol, 1,511mg sodium

Ban mian (528g) 475kcal, 48g carbs, 22g pro­tein, 3.2g fi­bre, 22g fat (8.4g sat­u­rated), 232mg choles­terol, 2,196mg sodium

Ban­dung drink (242g) 152kcal, 32g carbs, 1g pro­tein, 2g fat (1.7g sat­u­rated), 5mg choles­terol, 17mg sodium, 32g sugar

Bar­be­cued chicken wings (98g) 155kcal, 15g pro­tein, 11g fat (3g sat­u­rated), 80mg choles­terol, 326mg sodium

Bar­ley drink (237g) 55kcal, 14g carbs, 2mg sodium, 14g sugar

Beef noo­dles, dry (391g) 395kcal, 72g carbs, 17g pro­tein, 5.5g fi­bre, 4g fat (2g sat­u­rated), 35mg choles­terol, 1,775mg sodium,

Beef noo­dles, soup (605g) 303kcal, 47g carbs, 23g pro­tein, 4.2g fi­bre, 2g fat, 30mg choles­terol, 2,372mg sodium

Chee cheong fun, plain (114g) 241kcal, 45g carbs, 2g pro­tein, 6g fat (2.2g sat­u­rated), 1,048mg sodium, 37g sugar

The sauce is high in sodium but plain chee cheong fun eaten with a small amount of sauce is okay, says Dr See Hui Tu, se­nior con­sul­tant med­i­cal on­col­o­gist at Park­way Can­cer Cen­tre. Ja­clyn adds that, mi­nus the sauce, it is also a good source of carbs with very lit­tle fat.

Buboh terigu (354g) 329kcal, 70g carbs, 4g pro­tein, 3.2g fi­bre, 4g fat (3.5g sat­u­rated),

But­ter­fly frit­ter (75g) 273kcal, 37g carbs, 5g pro­tein, 1.4g fi­bre, 34g fat (30.1g sat­u­rated), 128mg sodium, 38g sugar

Car­rot cake, black (295g) 493kcal, 42g carbs, 2g pro­tein, 5.9g fi­bre, 35g fat (14.1g sat­u­rated), 109mg choles­terol, 1,289mg sodium, 27g sugar

Car­rot cake, white (89g) 87kcal, 16g carbs, 1g pro­tein, 1.4g fi­bre, 2g fat (1g sat­u­rated), 2mg choles­terol, 383mg sodium

Car­rot, potato and pork rib soup (766g) 275kcal, 19g carbs, 30g pro­tein, 5.9g fi­bre, 9g fat (3.7g sat­u­rated), 97mg choles­terol, 1,516mg sodium

Cha­p­ati (60g) 187kcal, 28g carbs, 4g pro­tein, 4.1g fi­bre, 7g fat (3.1g sat­u­rated), 155mg sodium, 1g sugar

Char kway teow (384g) 744kcal, 76g carbs, 23g pro­tein, 7.3g fi­bre, 38g fat (29.2g sat­u­rated), 234mg choles­terol, 1,459mg sodium

Char siew rice (327g) 605kcal, 91g carbs, 24g pro­tein, 5.9g fi­bre, 16g fat (11.9g sat­u­rated), 56mg choles­terol, 880mg sodium, 13g sugar

Chen­dol (368g) 386kcal, 59g carbs, 6g pro­tein, 4g fi­bre, 15g fat (12.1g sat­u­rated), 195mg sodium, 44g sugar

Cheng tng (496g) 218kcal, 53g carbs, 1g pro­tein, 3.5g fi­bre

Chicken rice, roasted (382g) 607kcal, 75g carbs, 25g pro­tein, 2g fi­bre, 23g fat (8.7g sat­u­rated), 47mg choles­terol, 1,287mg sodium

Chicken rice, steamed (365g) 635kcal, 84g carbs, 26g pro­tein, 3.2g fi­bre, 22g fat (8.5g sat­u­rated), 66mg choles­terol, 1,036mg sodium

Chi­nese ro­jak (57g) 559kcal, 65g carbs, 20g pro­tein, 9.8g fi­bre, 25g fat (9.8g sat­u­rated), 35mg choles­terol, 857mg sodium

Ch­wee kueh (57g) 56kcal, 11g carbs, 1g pro­tein, 1.1g fi­bre, 1g fat (0.6g sat­u­rated), 1mg choles­terol, 229mg sodium

Clay­pot rice (597g) 899kcal, 93g carbs, 48g pro­tein, 6g fi­bre, 37g fat (15.5g sat­u­rated), 167mg choles­terol, 2,185mg sodium

Con­gee, fish (559g) 211kcal, 32g carbs, 14g pro­tein, 3g fat, 22mg choles­terol, 1,347mg sodium

Con­gee, minced pork (636g) 364kcal, 38g carbs, 19g pro­tein, 15g fat (5.7g sat­u­rated), 64mg choles­terol, 1,501mg sodium

Curry chicken ( 706g) 967kcal, 51g carbs, 52g pro­tein, 14.7g fi­bre, 62g fat (26.5g sat­u­rated), 164mg choles­terol, 1,723mg sodium, 14g sugar

Curry puff, chicken (71g) 246kcal, 20g carbs, 5g pro­tein, 2.1g fi­bre, 16g fat (8.1g sat­u­rated), 26mg choles­terol, 183mg sodium, 1g sugar

Curry puff, sar­dine (36g) 112kcal, 11g carbs, 3g pro­tein, 1g fi­bre, 6g fat (2.8g sat­u­rated), 8mg choles­terol, 146mg sodium, 1g sugar

Dhal bhalla (533g) 576kcal, 59g carbs, 33g pro­tein, 17.6g fi­bre, 23g fat (8.1g sat­u­rated), 64mg choles­terol, 1,482mg sodium, 11g sugar

Duck rice ( 410g) 673kcal, 99g carbs, 24g pro­tein, 7.6g fi­bre, 20g fat (5.9g sat­u­rated), 92mg choles­terol, 545mg sodium, 28g sugar

Duck with salted veg­etable soup (251g) 102kcal, 14g pro­tein, 0.2g fi­bre, 5g fat (1.8g sat­u­rated), 54mg choles­terol, 1,053mg sodium

Durian pud­ding (189g) 263kcal, 41g carbs, 6g pro­tein, 5.3g fi­bre, 8g fat (5.2g sat­u­rated), 91mg sodium, 23g sugar

Ee mee (685g) 1,007kcal, 78g carbs, 38g pro­tein, 8.2g fi­bre, 61g fat (25.3g sat­u­rated), 110mg choles­terol, 2,124mg sodium

Of the 149 hawker foods in th­ese pages, this dish (sur­pris­ingly!) ranks the third high­est in calo­ries – pig trot­ters are first fol­lowed by fish head curry.

Fish head curry (1.3kg) 1,183kcal, 42g carbs,s, 77g pro­tein, 15.7g fi­bre, 77g fat (51.6g sat­u­rated), 381mg choles­terol, 4,073mg sodium

For a less fatty ver­sion, go for the as­sam rather than co­conut milk ver­sion. The pro­tein is lean.

Fish­ball tung hoon soup (527g) 218kcal, 38g carbs, 12g pro­tein, 3.3g fi­bre, 2g fat, 2,301mg sodium, 1g sugar

Fish­ball noo­dles, dry ( 327g) 370kcal, 55g carbs, 19g pro­tein, 3.9g fi­bre, 8g fat (3.3g sat­u­rated), 43mg choles­terol, 1,645mg sodium

Fried rice (418g) 508kcal, 66g carbs, 16g pro­tein, 4.2g fi­bre, 20g fat (8.4g sat­u­rated), 443mg choles­terol, 1,622mg sodium

Frog legs, stir-fried (279g) 322kcal, 3g carbs, 30g pro­tein, 3.7g fi­bre, 21g fat (9.3g sat­u­rated), 54mg choles­terol, 1,163mg sodium, 3g sugar

Gado gado (421.4g) 659kcal, 44g carbs, 30g pro­tein, 19.4g fi­bre, 40g fat (14.3g sat­u­rated), 88mg choles­terol, 1,082mg sodium

Goreng pisang (65g) 197kcal, 36g carbs, 1g pro­tein, 2.3g fi­bre, 5g fat (3.4g sat­u­rated), 103mg sodium, 14g sugar

Grass jelly (231g) 55kcal, 14g carbs, 1.2g fi­bre, 53mg sodium, 12g sugar

Green bean soup (531g) 377kcal, 76g carbs, 10g pro­tein, 23.4g fi­bre, 3g fat

Gu­lab ja­mun (48g) 165kcal, 21 carbs, 7g pro­tein, 0.7g fi­bre, 6g fat (3.3g sat­u­rated), 4mg choles­terol, 44mg sodium, 19g sugar

Halwa (129g) 445kcal, 84g carbs, 1g pro­tein, 4.5g fi­bre, 12g fat (5.5g sat­u­rated)

Ham chim peng, red bean (81g) 296kcal, 45g carbs, 5g pro­tein, 1.8g fi­bre, 11g fat (9.1g sat­u­rated), 280mg sodium

Har kow (18g) 27kcal, 4g carbs, 1g pro­tein, 0.4g fi­bre, 1g fat (0.3g sat­u­rated), 5mg choles­terol, 74mg sodium

Her­bal chicken soup (420g) 187kcal, 6g carbs, 20g pro­tein, 0.4g fi­bre, 9g fat (3.3g sat­u­rated), 91mg choles­terol, 909mg sodium

Hokkien mee (442g) 522kcal, 69g carbs, 18g pro­tein, 4.4g fi­bre, 19g fat (7.3g sat­u­rated), 133mg choles­terol, 1,423mg sodium, 17g sugar

Iced jack­fruit, se­lashi (331g) 195kcal, 30g carbs, 2g pro­tein, 3.5g fi­bre, 8g fat (6.7g sat­u­rated), 50mg sodium, 30g sugar

Idli (75g) 79kcal, 15g carbs, 3g pro­tein, 2g fi­bre, 0g fat (0.2g sat­u­rated), 0mg choles­terol, 281mg sodium

Iced jelly, tinned fruit (562g) 214kcal, 53g carbs, 1g pro­tein, 3.4g fi­bre

Ice ka­cang (503g) 256kcal, 58g carbs, 6g pro­tein, 19.6g fi­bre, 1g fat

Iced sour­sop (299g) 202kcal, 47g carbs, 1g pro­tein, 1.6g fi­bre, 1g fat, 8mg choles­terol, 25mg sodium, 47g sugar

Ikan masak as­sam pedas (184g) 124kcal, 2g carbs, 21g pro­tein, 1.9g fi­bre, 4g fat (2.1g sat­u­rated), 61mg choles­terol, 532mg sodium, 2g sugar

In­dian ro­jak (588g) 1,153kcal, 85g carbs, 58g pro­tein, 12.9g fi­bre, 63g fat (25.4g sat­u­rated), 152mg choles­terol, 1,301mg sodium, 2g sugar

Jalebi (114g) 359kcal, 65g carbs, 5g pro­tein, 0.4g fi­bre, 9g fat (3.3g sat­u­rated), 4mg choles­terol, 50mg sodium, 31g sugar

Kway chap (732g) 703kcal, 82g carbs, 34g pro­tein, 5.9g fi­bre, 26g fat (9.9g sat­u­rated), 293mg choles­terol, 3,206mg sodium, 31g sugar

Watch­ing your choles­terol? Go easy on this as it is one of the most choles­terol-laden dishes on our list.

Kangkong, stir-fried with shrimp paste (300g) 396kcal, 20g carbs, 9g pro­tein, 6.6g fi­bre, 31g fat (13.2g sat­u­rated), 36mg choles­terol, 2,184mg sodium, 5g sugar

Kopi (194g) 113kcal, 15g carbs, 2g pro­tein, 5g fat (2.4g sat­u­rated), 2mg choles­terol, 37mg sodium, 15g sugar

Kopi-O (194g) 66kcal, 12g carbs, 2g fat (0.6g sat­u­rated), 17mg sodium, 12g sugar

Kuih dadar, co­conut (80g) 203kcal, 27g carbs, 3g pro­tein, 5.8g fi­bre, 9g fat (8.1g sat­u­rated), 0mg choles­terol, 146mg sodium

Kuih tutu, co­conut (20g) 56kcal, 11g carbs, 1g pro­tein, 0.3g fi­bre, 1g fat (1g sat­u­rated), 1mg sodium

Laksa lemak (650g) 696kcal, 58g carbs, 27g pro­tein, 3.9g fi­bre, 40g fat (14.2g sat­u­rated), 104mg choles­terol, 7,904mg sodium, 38g sugar

Lassi (192g) 78kcal, 8g carbs, 5g fat (3.3g sat­u­rated), 19mg choles­terol, 34mg sodium, 8g sugar

Lon­tong (775g) 798kcal, 64g car­bo­hy­drate, 46g pro­tein, 13.2g fi­bre, 40g fat (21.9g sat­u­rated), 264mg choles­terol, 1,930mg sodium, 28g sugar Lor mai kai (149g) 322kcal, 55g carbs, 9g pro­tein, 6.7g fi­bre, 7g fat (2.7g sat­u­rated), 33mg choles­terol, 595mg sodium

Lor mee (540g) 383kcal, 55g carbs, 15g pro­tein, 6.5g fi­bre, 11g fat (4.9g sat­u­rated), 140mg choles­terol, 2,538mg sodium

Mee chang kuih, peanut (56g) 122kcal, 22g carbs, 4g pro­tein, 1.5g fi­bre, 2g fat (0.7g sat­u­rated), 0mg choles­terol, 3mg sodium

Mee goreng (309g) 500kcal, 61g carbs, 18g pro­tein, 4.4g fi­bre, 20g fat (8.3g sat­u­rated), 135mg choles­terol, 1,851mg sodium, 7g sugar

Mee re­bus (571g) 571kcal, 82g carbs, 23g pro­tein, 8g fi­bre, 17g fat (5.8g sat­u­rated), 206mg choles­terol, 2,164mg sodium, 38g sugar

Mee siam (655g) 694kcal, 92g carbs, 28g pro­tein, 9.2g fi­bre, 24g fat (8.6g sat­u­rated), 138mg choles­terol, 2,659mg sodium, 66g sugar

Mee soto (541g) 433kcal, 60g carbs, 19g pro­tein, 3.8g fi­bre, 13g fat (5.4g sat­u­rated), 38mg choles­terol, 2,678mg sodium

Minced pork noo­dles, dry (311g) 511kcal, 57g carbs, 20g pro­tein, 4.9g fi­bre, 23g fat (9.2g sat­u­rated), 29mg choles­terol, 1,491mg sodium, 2g sugar

Minced pork noo­dles, soup (597g) 383kcal, 50g carbs, 18g pro­tein, 8.5g fi­bre, 12g fat (4.8g sat­u­rated), 37mg choles­terol, 1,740mg sodium, 3g sugar

Murtabak, sar­dine (357g) 787kcal, 69g carbs, 38g pro­tein, 5.2g fi­bre, 40g fat (17.5g sat­u­rated), 326mg choles­terol, 1,512mg sodium, 10g sugar

Among the murtabak vari­a­tions, the ed­i­ble bones in the sar­dine ver­sion are high in cal­cium. How­ever, the dough is laden with sat­u­rated fat, thanks to ghee and carbs, says Ja­clyn.

Muah chee (150g) 383kcal, 52g carbs, 11g pro­tein, 5.7g fi­bre, 14g fat (3.8g sat­u­rated), 11mg sodium

Mui fan (797g) 720kcal, 112g carbs, 33g pro­tein, 4g fi­bre, 16g fat (7.2g sat­u­rated), 343mg choles­terol, 1,658mg sodium

Murtabak, chicken (75g) 115kcal, 13g carbs, 5g pro­tein, 3.2g fi­bre, 5g fat (2.1g sat­u­rated), 26mg choles­terol, 371mg sodium

Murtabak, mut­ton (211g) 373kcal, 39g carbs, 15g pro­tein, 9.3g fi­bre, 17g fat (7g sat­u­rated), 131mg choles­terol, 1,365mg sodium

Murtabak, veg­eta­bles (332g) 620kcal, 62g carbs, 18g pro­tein, 7.3g fi­bre, 33g fat (14.4g sat­u­rated), 188mg choles­terol, 1,205mg sodium, 9g sugar

Mut­ton soup (533g) 389kcal, 6g pro­tein, 27g fat (13.3g sat­u­rated), 181mg choles­terol, 1,460mg sodium

Mut­ton vin­daloo (305g) 418kcal, 28g carbs, 39g pro­tein, 10.1g fi­bre, 17g fat (6.7g sat­u­rated), 116mg choles­terol, 641mg sodium, 12g sugar

Ngoh hiang (386g) 879kcal, 81g carbs, 29g pro­tein, 10g fi­bre, 48g fat (23.5g sat­u­rated), 62mg choles­terol, 1,876mg sodium

There’s no sur­prise that this is su­per high in calo­ries, fat and sat­u­rated fat!

Naan (131g) 357kcal, 57g carbs, 11g pro­tein, 3.3g fi­bre, 9g fat (4.2g sat­u­rated), 21mg choles­terol, 430mg sodium, 5g sugar

Nasi biryani, chicken (488g) 877kcal, 102g carbs, 39g pro­tein, 8.4g fi­bre, 35g fat (14.8g sat­u­rated), 158mg choles­terol, 1,656mg sodium

Nasi biryani, mut­ton (505g) 752kcal, 96g carbs, 36g pro­tein, 8.1g fi­bre, 25g fat (12.1g sat­u­rated), 96mg choles­terol, 1,858mg sodium

Nasi goreng (377g) 742kcal, 103g carbs, 21g pro­tein, 4.1g fi­bre, 27g fat (11.3g sat­u­rated), 200mg choles­terol, 1,467mg sodium

Nasi lemak (210g) 494kcal, 80g carbs, 13g pro­tein, 6.5g fi­bre, 14g fat (7.6g sat­u­rated), 76mg choles­terol, 838mg sodium

Nasi pat­taya (383g) 805kcal, 80g carbs, 27g pro­tein, 4.2g fi­bre, 42g fat (16.5g sat­u­rated), 441mg choles­terol, 2,435mg sodium, 8g sugar

Noo­dles with beef ten­don (444g) 462kcal, 69g carbs, 34g pro­tein, 12.4g fi­bre, 5g fat (2.7g sat­u­rated), 93mg choles­terol, 2,264mg sodium

On­deh- on­deh (110g) 176kcal, 26g carbs, 1g pro­tein, 3.4g fi­bre, 7g fat (6.5g sat­u­rated), 87mg sodium, 17g sugar

Otah, plain (29g) 2kcal, 15g carbs, 2g pro­tein, 1g fi­bre, 1.6g fat (0.8g sat­u­rated), 203mg choles­terol, 3g sugar

Otah, shrimp (40g) 4kcal, 18g carbs, 3g pro­tein, 4g fi­bre, 2.5g fat (0.4g sat­u­rated), 211mg choles­terol, 2mg sodium, 8g sugar

Oys­ter omelette (253g) 645kcal, 32g carbs, 18g pro­tein, 49g fat (20g sat­u­rated), 354mg choles­terol, 746mg sodium

PPop­padom (6g) 30kcal, 2g carbs, 1g pro­tein, 0.4g fi­bre, 2g fat (0.9g sat­u­rated), 125mg sodium

Pau, char siew (120g) 363kcal, 45g carbs, 13g pro­tein, 1.7g fi­bre, 15g fat (5.5g sat­u­rated), 23mg choles­terol, 473mg sodium

Pau, veg­e­tar­ian (77g) 150kcal, 23g carbs, 4g pro­tein, 2.5g fi­bre, 5g fat (2g sat­u­rated), 281mg sodium, 4g sugar

Pe­nang laksa (569g) 377kcal, 71g carbs, 18g pro­tein, 4g fi­bre, 2g fat (0.6g sat­u­rated), 11mg choles­terol, 2,287mg sodium

Pig or­gan soup (444g) 160kcal, 5g carbs, 22g pro­tein, 1.3 fi­bre, 6g fat (2.2g sat­u­rated), 142mg choles­terol, 1,545mg sodium

Pig trot­ters (1.3kg) 1325kcal, 132g carbs, 67g pro­tein, 9.1g fi­bre, 59g fat (15.9g sat­u­rated), 250mg choles­terol, 1,308mg sodium, 110g sugar

Popiah (140g) 188kcal, 14g carbs, 8g pro­tein, 4.1g fi­bre, 11g fat (3.6g sat­u­rated), 45mg choles­terol, 676mg sodium, 5g sugar

Prawn mee, soup (574g) 294kcal, 49g carbs, 19g pro­tein, 4g fi­bre, 2g fat (1.1g sat­u­rated), 40mg choles­terol, 2,422mg sodium

utu pir­ing (142g) 341kcal, 70g carbs, 4g pro­tein, 5.4g fi­bre, 5g fat (4.3g sat­u­rated), 463mg sodium, 32g sugar

This seem­ingly in­con­spic­u­ous snack is rather high in calo­ries, carbs and sugar (gula me­laka).

Pre­served veg­etable and tofu soup (433g) 90kcal, 2g carbs, 11g pro­tein, 1.7g fi­bre, 5g fat (0.8g sat­u­rated), 1,626mg sodium, 1g sugar

Pu­lot hi­tam (418g) 397kcal, 71g carbs, 4g pro­tein, 2.5g fi­bre, 11g fat (8.9g sat­u­rated), 335mg sodium, 52g sugar

Red ruby (389g) 296kcal, 23g carbs, 2g pro­tein, 6.2g fi­bre, 22g fat (20.5g sat­u­rated), 68mg sodium, 17g sugar

Rice dumpling, meat (132g) 276kcal, 39g car­bo­hy­drate, 8g pro­tein, 3.3g fi­bre, 10g fat (3.8g sat­u­rated), 73mg choles­terol, 486mg sodium

Rice dumpling, veg­e­tar­ian (197g) 395kcal, 69g carbs, 12g pro­tein, 4.5g fi­bre, 8g fat (3.2g sat­u­rated), 896mg sodium, 6g sugar

Roti John (253g) 721kcal, 77g carbs, 25g pro­tein, 11.3g fi­bre, 35g fat (18.1g sat­u­rated), 242mg choles­terol, 2,011mg sodium

Roti prata, egg (117g) 288kcal, 28g carbs, 12g pro­tein, 2.3g fi­bre, 14g fat (5.8g sat­u­rated), 175mg choles­terol, 363mg sodium, 2g sugar

Roti prata, plain (70g) 209kcal, 32g carbs, 5g pro­tein, 1.7g fi­bre, 7g fat (2.9g sat­u­rated), 1mg choles­terol, 386mg sodium, 2g sugar

Satay, chicken (10g) 24kcal, 2g carbs, 3g pro­tein, 1g fat (0.2g sat­u­rated), 10mg choles­terol, 26mg sodium, 2g sugar

Satay is ac­tu­ally a good hawker pick as each stick is rather low in calo­ries and fat, and sup­plies a de­cent amount of pro­tein. Just be care­ful to watch the num­ber of sticks you have to­gether with the ke­tu­pat and peanut sauce on the side or you’ll chalk up those calo­ries.

Satay, mut­ton (11g) 31kcal, 2g carbs, 3g pro­tein, 1g fat (0.6g sat­u­rated), 12mg choles­terol, 32mg sodium, 2g sugar

Satay with ke­tu­pat (95g) 88kcal, 20g carbs, 2g pro­tein, 1g fi­bre, 0g fat (0g sat­u­rated), 4mg sodium Satay with peanut sauce (29g) 77kcal, 3g carbs, 2g pro­tein, 0.9g fi­bre, 6g fat (2g sat­u­rated), 138mg sodium, 3g sugar Satay bee hoon (452g) 763kcal, 75g carbs, 30g pro­tein, 15.4g fi­bre, 38g fat (14.5g sat­u­rated), 95mg choles­terol, 1,573mg sodium Siew mai (16g) 29kcal, 3g carbs, 1g pro­tein, 0.3g fi­bre, 1g fat (0.4g sat­u­rated), 4mg choles­terol, 99mg sodium, 1g sugar

Sliced fish bee hoon soup (686g) 349kcal, 48g carbs, 22g pro­tein, 3.4g fi­bre, 8g fat (3.5g sat­u­rated), 28mg choles­terol, 1,413mg sodium

Soon kueh (72g) 88kcal, 18g carbs, 1g pro­tein, 1.6g fi­bre, 1g fat (0.8g sat­u­rated), 1mg choles­terol, 268mg sodium

Sop tu­lang (934g) 211kcal, 13g carbs, 20g pro­tein, 6.3g fi­bre, 9g fat (3.2g sat­u­rated), 39mg choles­terol, 1,658mg sodium, 7g sugar Soya bean curd, syrup (620g) 317kcal, 63g carbs, 12g pro­tein, 9.3g fi­bre, 2g fat, 31mg sodium Soya bean drink, no syrup (250g) 83kcal, 3g carbs, 7g pro­tein, 2g fi­bre, 5g fat (0.7g sat­u­rated), 30mg sodium Soya bean drink, syrup (250g) 138kcal, 19g carbs, 7g pro­tein, 1.5g fi­bre, 4g fat (0.7g sat­u­rated), 35mg sodium, 19g sugar St­ingray with chilli (244g) 243kcal, 3g carbs, 39g pro­tein, 0g fi­bre, 9g fat (2.9g sat­u­rated), 201mg choles­terol, 1,227mg sodium Tau suan with youtiao (456.4g) 413kcal, 91g carbs, 9g pro­tein, 22.8g fi­bre, 1g fat

Tauhu telur (317g) 812kcal, 21g carbs, 34g pro­tein, 9.6g fi­bre, 66g fat (26.5g sat­u­rated), 224mg choles­terol, 532mg sodium, 16g sugar

Teh halia (180g) 74kcal, 12g carbs, 1g pro­tein, 2g fat (1.2g sat­u­rated), 2mg choles­terol, 18mg sodium, 12g sugar

Tur­tle soup (424g) 154kcal, 6g carbs, 27g pro­tein, 2g fat, 126mg choles­terol, 1,080mg sodium

Udang pedas nanas (176.34g) 38kcal, 3g carbs, 5g pro­tein, 1.5g fi­bre, 1g fat (0.2g sat­u­rated), 47mg choles­terol, 471mg sodium, 3g sugar

Vadai (105g) 230kcal, 18g carbs, 9g pro­tein, 5.2g fi­bre, 13g fat (5.9g sat­u­rated), 683mg sodium, 1g sugar

Veg­e­tar­ian bee hoon (362g) 549kcal, 83g carbs, 16g pro­tein, 8.3g fi­bre, 17g fat (8g sat­u­rated), 1,539mg sodium

Waf­fle, red bean (131g) 540kcal, 71g carbs, 9g pro­tein, 3.6g fi­bre, 24g fat (13.1g sat­u­rated), 58mg choles­terol, 56mg sodium, 38g sugar

Eat­ing one of th­ese is like fin­ish­ing 12 chicken nuggets!

Waf­fle, kaya (115g) 400kcal, 50g carbs, 8g pro­tein, 1.1g fi­bre, 19g fat (11.7g sat­u­rated), 63mg choles­terol, 55mg sodium, 33g sugar

Wan­ton mee, dry (330g) 411kcal, 55g carbs, 19g pro­tein, 5.3g fi­bre, 12g fat (5g sat­u­rated), 36mg choles­terol, 1,502mg sodium

Wan­ton mee, soup (545g) 290kcal, 41g carbs, 19g pro­tein, 1.6g fi­bre, 5g fat, 11mg choles­terol, 1804mg sodium

Wa­ter ch­est­nut drink (211g) 80kcal, 20g carbs, 19mg sodium, 20g sugar

Wa­ter­cress with pork rib soup (457g) 116kcal, 14g pro­tein, 1.2g fi­bre, 7g fat (3.3g sat­u­rated), 37mg choles­terol, 1,229mg sodium

Wu kok or yam puff (114g) 215kcal, 26g carbs, 3g pro­tein, 3.3g fi­bre, 11g fat (5.7g sat­u­rated), 10mg choles­terol, 601mg sodium

Yam cake (170g) 211kcal, 40g carbs, 4g pro­tein, 2.6g fi­bre, 11g fat (2g sat­u­rated), 10mg choles­terol, 777mg sodium

Yam pud­ding (598g) 1417kcal, 182g carbs, 9g pro­tein, 14.4g fi­bre, 73g fat (30.5g sat­u­rated), 54mg choles­terol, 6mg sodium, 123g sugar

Yong tau foo, dry (313g) 296kcal, 21g carbs, 19g pro­tein, 8.8g fi­bre, 15g fat (6.6g sat­u­rated), 88mg choles­terol, 1,675mg sodium

You tiao (32g) 123kcal, 16g carbs, 3g pro­tein, 0.4g fi­bre, 6g fat (4.6g sat­u­rated), 260mg sodium

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