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Work­out in­ten­sity Hard To­tal time 20 min­utes

Equip­ment 6kg to 10kg weight Calo­ries burned 245 (based on 66kg woman) ver­sion of the move you did in round 1: stag­gered-hand push-ups, gob­let squats, re­verse lunges or leg-up planks. Rest for the re­main­ing time. Du­ra­tion 5 Re­peat the third and fourth steps eight times, con­tin­u­ing to go all out for your 30-sec­ond car­dio in­ter­vals. And do a dif­fer­ent strength move or vari­a­tion for each 90-sec­ond in­ter­val. Du­ra­tion

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