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How it works

Do all three ex­er­cises in each cir­cuit within seven min­utes. You may fol­low the num­ber of reps rec­om­mended, or do as many as you can, so long as you main­tain good form. Take a 60-sec­ond break be­tween each seven-minute cir­cuit.

You’ll need

A skip­ping rope and a timer CIR­CUIT 1 Full body 20 snap jumps/ 100 skips/50 ab bikes CIR­CUIT 2 Lower body 20 sumo jump squats/ 10 burpee + tuck jumps/ 30 re­verse lunge and knee lifts (15 each side) CIR­CUIT 3 Up­per body 20 toe taps/ 50 X-moun­tain climbers (25 each side)/ 15 lay down push-ups

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