Un­cen­sored: DJ Rozz talks li­po­suc­tion, thun­der thighs and juice cleanses.

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The ra­dio per­son­al­ity and ex-pro­fes­sional dancer is seen as a bad girl. Some­one who’s re­bel­lious (if only through stereo­typ­ing since her body is inked with eight tat­toos), free with cer­tain ex­ple­tives, and rather more non­cha­lant than most. Scratch the sur­face and you might find a dif­fer­ent Rozz – pro­vided she lets you in, of course. For starters, the 36-year-old cooks and loves it. “I will al­ways make time to cook as I like know­ing what goes into my body.”

And, al­though she doesn’t drink much or of­ten, she en­joys a good glass of whisky. “Al­co­hol makes me sleepy. I can’t ever get happy and drunk. I only get from sober to sleepy, plus it makes me fat.”

More health-con­scious than she lets on, Rozz faith­fully at­tends pi­lates class twice a week. On the other hand, she ad­mits to hat­ing run­ning: “It’s mo­not­o­nous and dulls the mind.” Af­ter hang­ing out with us, she may have a new fit­ness hobby in Krav Maga, but more on that on the next page.

Rozz will make her act­ing de­but in Pre­mo­ni­tion, a new Chan­nel 5 drama that airs early next year. She plays Belinda, a rookie cop im­pli­cated in her po­lice­man fa­ther’s cor­rup­tion case.

Just like the char­ac­ter she por­trays, Rozz is one tough cookie and fiercely opin­ion­ated. “Why do peo­ple think I’m a bad girl? It’s the tat­toos, eye­liner and black out­fits, isn’t it?” she asks as we chat dur­ing a break at her photo shoot. “Th­ese are out­ward ex­pres­sions of my­self; cook­ing and ex­er­cis­ing are how I live my life.”

While we dis­cuss her pub­lic per­sona, and how she’s known for speak­ing her mind, we find out that the in­die mu­sic sta­tion morn­ing show host is not one to change her style just to con­form to ideals. “I’ll take an f-word any day, but I will not stand for racism,” says Rozz.

Ac­tu­ally, the bet­ter word to de­scribe Rozz, who is cur­rently a judge on the lo­cal re­al­ity dance con­test The Dance Floor, is de­ci­sive. The woman sim­ply knows what she wants.

“I’m in­flu­enced by my mother. She was very no-non­sense and firm. When I was lit­tle, if I did any­thing wrong, she would pun­ish me by making me peel gingko nuts in the kitchen while my brother and cousins played out­side. If you’ve peeled gingko nuts be­fore, you will understand my pain!” We have and we do, Rozz.

She also picked up plenty of cook­ing tips from her mother, who died 11 years ago af­ter a decade of bat­tling breast can­cer. “For ex­am­ple, I don’t use com­mer­cial stock ever. It is full of salt and preser­va­tives. I al­ways have ikan bilis in my pantry. If I need stock and don’t have any made, I boil a hand­ful of ikan bilis for 10 min­utes and voila!” says Rozz. “Also, I don’t use salt. I make the soup more flavour­ful with dried scal­lops or lots of veg­eta­bles.”

Handy tips, in­deed. When we sug­gest that she could be Sin­ga­pore’s Nigella Law­son with her own cook­ing show, loud guf­faw­ing en­sues. “Yes, but I’m more An­thony Bour­dain, lah,” she says.

Here’s more from the fire­cracker: 1 I am not ad­dicted to cig­a­rettes. I smoked for a few years, but have never in my life been able to fin­ish a whole pack. Ev­ery time I smoke, my body re­acts by making me feel nau­seous and light-headed. 2 I am not ad­dicted to caf­feine. I don’t need cof­fee to keep me awake. In fact, it makes my heart race and puts me on edge, and I hate feel­ing like that. 3 I be­lieve that weight loss is 80 per cent diet, 20 per cent work­out. I do not like snack­ing – that’s some­thing Mum dis­cour­aged us from do­ing when we were kids. 4 I choose to eat whole foods. I will not touch pro­cessed foods with more than five in­gre­di­ents in them – or in­gre­di­ents I can’t pro­nounce. 5 I do not be­lieve in pop­ping vi­ta­mins. The vi­ta­mins we need are al­ready avail­able nat­u­rally in food. I am also against tak­ing an­tibi­otics. I hardly fall sick so that says a lot. 6 I don’t be­lieve in fad di­ets. They are what they are: fads. 7 I am against juice di­ets. First of all, there are or­gans that detox the body al­ready. They are called the liver and the kid­neys. If they aren’t work­ing, a raw car­rot isn’t go­ing to help. There are also some real prob­lems with con­sum­ing just juice. For one thing, fruits are full of sugar. Go on juice cleanses and you can con­sume too much sugar with­out notic­ing. 8 I have ac­cepted my body shape. I am bot­tom heavy and boney from the waist up. I didn’t use to like my thun­der thighs. I con­tem­plated li­po­suc­tion many times – to the point where I was ready to make pay­ment once. Thank­fully, logic pre­vailed. 9 I would hike any day – as long as the scenery is breath­tak­ing. It makes me feel I can achieve any­thing phys­i­cally. I’m also driven by In­sta­gram. If it means I’ll have a nice In­sta­gram pic­ture at the end of it, I’d hike up a bloody moun­tain any day. 10 I scuba dive. The best ex­pe­ri­ence I’ve ever had was in Ice­land. It was my first-ever dry suit dive into melted glacial wa­ter be­tween two tec­tonic plates at the Sil­fra fis­sure. At one point, I had one hand touch­ing the Eurasian plate and the other touch­ing the North Amer­i­can one.

I’ll take an f-word any day, but I’ll not stand for racism.

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