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Pound­ing the pave­ment puts a lot of im­pact on the joints, but con­sider this: Those forces will be good for your bones. In a new study pre­sented at the Euro­pean Congress of Endocrinology, re­searchers com­pared the bone health of ul­tra­ma­rathon run­ners to same-age adults who did low- to mod­er­ate-in­ten­sity ex­er­cise. They found that the for­mer group had higher lev­els of P1NP, a pro­tein as­so­ci­ated with bone for­ma­tion. The au­thors be­lieve that the high phys­i­cal load from run­ning stim­u­lates bone tis­sues to re­gen­er­ate to keep up with the im­pact. “The ev­ery­day man and woman needs to ex­er­cise mod­er­ately to main­tain health,” says lead au­thor Dr Gio­vanni Lom­bardi. “How­ever, our find­ings sug­gest that those at risk of weaker bones might want to take up run­ning rather than swim­ming or cy­cling.”

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