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Though most di­ets fo­cus on ways to eat less, con­sum­ing more food in the morn­ing can help you lose weight, says Dawn Blat­ner, a reg­is­tered di­eti­tian in the US. In fact, a re­cent study found that kids who ate two break­fasts (one at home and one at school) didn’t gain more weight than those who ate just one, and were less likely to be over­weight than those who skipped the meal en­tirely. Most adults don’t need two full break­fasts, but if you ex­er­cise in the morn­ing or eat late lunches, a hearty mid-morn­ing snack with pro­duce and pro­tein – or­anges and a latte, smoked salmon on cu­cum­bers, or a ba­nana with wal­nuts – is a good idea, Dawn says.

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