A sim­ple breath­ing ex­er­cise that re­lieves fa­tigue, ten­sion and anx­i­ety, an easy so­lu­tion to back­aches, and the best ways to get rid of a hang­over.

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For a men­tal and phys­i­cal boost, Tif­fany Cruik­shank – the founder of Yoga Medicine and the au­thor of Med­i­tate Your Weight – sug­gests try­ing this quick breath­ing ex­er­cise: In­hale deeply, and imag­ine that you’re tak­ing in en­ergy. Pic­ture your breath as fuel that’s en­ter­ing and re­viv­ing your cells. Then as you ex­hale, vi­su­alise your­self re­leas­ing fa­tigue, stress and any­thing that weighs you down men­tally. Re­peat for 10 full in­hales and ex­hales. Your mind will be­come clearer and more fo­cused, and you’ll feel re­freshed and recharged. Re­peat as of­ten as you need through­out the day.

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