Ev­ery­day habits that could be se­cretly age­ing you

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It is safe to say that de­lay­ing the age of time on our body and skin is prob­a­bly one of the most im­por­tant life goals that ev­ery woman has in mind. While rul­ing out the ob­vi­ous con­tribut­ing fac­tors like ex­ces­sive al­co­hol abuse and smok­ing, here are six seem­ingly harm­less habits that could be speed­ing up the age­ing process.

Check­ing your so­cial me­dia feeds in­ces­santly

There’s noth­ing wrong with scrolling through your Face­book and In­sta­gram ac­counts via your phone. But when you do so, you nor­mally look down, thus re­sult­ing in a con­di­tion re­ferred to as “tech neck”. From here on out, it could lead to drop­ping jowls, saggy skin and creases around your neck. Make a con­scious ef­fort to keep your phone slightly closer to your eye level, or per­haps give your­self sev­eral breaks from your phone through­out the day.

Blast­ing mu­sic through your head­phones

Your tol­er­ance to loud sounds gen­er­ally in­creases when­ever you feel like turn­ing up the mu­sic when lis­ten­ing to your favourite songs. And by do­ing so, it can lead to a grad­ual process of hear­ing loss. To pre­vent this, you can use noise-can­celling ear­buds to block out the back­ground noise so that you don’t feel the need to raise the vol­ume.

Over­dos­ing on sug­ary foods

Hav­ing a sweet tooth on a reg­u­lar ba­sis won’t just af­fect your weight loss ef­forts – it also takes a toll on your skin. Ac­cord­ing to a 2007 study pub­lished in the Bri­tish Jour­nal of Der­ma­tol­ogy, once sugar hits your blood­stream, it forms gly­ca­tion end prod­ucts that dam­age your pro­teins like col­la­gen and elastin – hence, mak­ing your skin look dull and wrin­kled. The age­ing ef­fects usu­ally start to show at about age 35 and in­crease rapidly af­ter that.

Sleep­ing on the side or your stom­ach

Your “sleep lines” might not be so harm­less af­ter all. By sleep­ing on the side or your stom­ach, there’s a re­peated pres­sure that usu­ally oc­curs on your face, arms and stom­ach, and this pro­motes the break­down of col­la­gen. Hence, those sleep lines could have a good chance of turn­ing into wrin­kles.

Drink­ing from a straw

This might hap­pen all the time when we’re out and about, but ac­cord­ing to celebrity es­theti­cian Re­nee Rouleau, purs­ing your lips reg­u­larly en­cour­ages the break­down of col­la­gen and elas­tic­ity around your up­per lip area, which could re­sult in wrin­kles and lines. While it can be dif­fi­cult to deny your­self a straw ev­ery now and then, pay more at­ten­tion to your lip line when you’re go­ing through your skin­care regime by ap­ply­ing fa­cial serums and mois­turis­ers.

Not eat­ing enough veg­eta­bles

Even if you love your weekly fix of sal­ads, you should know that it isn’t en­tirely enough. The an­tiox­i­dants you get from con­sum­ing veg­eta­bles are im­por­tant be­cause they help fight off free rad­i­cals that can oth­er­wise leave a dull and older look­ing ap­pear­ance on your body and skin. How­ever, they only re­main ac­tive for about a few hours, which is why there’s a need for them to be con­tin­u­ally re­plen­ished. A good diet to fol­low? Try in­clud­ing greens in ev­ery meal of the day.

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