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# Work­work­work­work­work

When she’s not work­ing out, she’s work­ing on new de­signs for Popflex or brain­storm­ing ideas for her chan­nels. “I’m a worka­holic… by choice.”

# Lip­s­like­sugar

Cassey loves her lips just the way they are, and never wears lip­stick un­less she has to. “I just don’t like lip­stick.”

# Tick­tock

Punc­tu­al­ity isn’t one of her strengths. “I’m al­ways late to ev­ery­thing! It’s a very bad habit, and I’m work­ing on it.”

# Food­porn

She’s a huge foodie at heart. Back home in Los An­ge­les, Cassey gets recog­nised more of­ten at dessert shops than at the gym.

# Un­plugged

“I don’t need to look at my phone all the time,” says Cassey, whose phone is usu­ally set to the “Do Not Dis­turb” mode so that she only gets con­nected when she wants to.

# Be­hindthescenes

Cassey films most of her videos in one take. “The ac­tual time it takes to film a Youtube work­out is the ac­tual time it takes for me to do the work­out,” she says. “So if it’s a 15-minute video, it’s a 15-minute work­out for me. No cuts, no breaks.” That said, there are usu­ally six peo­ple help­ing on set who put in ex­tra hours to get the hair, makeup, light and sound right, and an ad­di­tional four to six hours of edit­ing af­ter film­ing.

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