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Sculpt your abs and burn fat with this PIIT28 Waist Shaper Work­out that’s been ex­clu­sively de­signed for Shape. Cassey’s PIIT28 pro­gramme com­bines strength­en­ing pi­lates moves with in­ten­sive car­dio el­e­ments of nor­mal high-in­ten­sity interval train­ing (HIIT) to shape your body in just 28 min­utes.

This rou­tine con­sists of seven moves. Per­form each for 45 sec­onds and rest for 15 sec­onds in be­tween. Do a to­tal of four rounds (al­ter­nat­ing on your left and right sides) for a full 28-minute work­out. Do this work­out se­quence a few times a week for best re­sults. CURTSY LUNGE KICK

Works butt and legs

[A] Start with right leg di­ag­o­nally be­hind the other in a lunge po­si­tion. Keep chest tall. [B] Kick right leg up as high as you can to touch raised right hand. Switch sides dur­ing next set.


Works obliques, arms and thighs

[A] Get into side plank po­si­tion with bot­tom arm ex­tended di­rectly be­low your shoul­der. [B] Raise top leg as high as pos­si­ble while keep­ing body aligned. Re­turn to start­ing po­si­tion and re­peat for 45 sec­onds. Switch sides dur­ing next set. PLANK JACK DON­KEY KICK

Works the en­tire body

[A] Start in plank po­si­tion. [B] Jump both feet out. Then jump back to start­ing plank po­si­tion. [C] Kick both legs up [D] and out­wards as ex­plo­sively as pos­si­ble.


Works obliques

Start with right leg on the floor, with left leg fully ex­tended. Keep body up­right with both hands raised above your head in a Char­lie’s An­gel po­si­tion. Tilt to­wards your right, go­ing as low as you can (but not lower than par­al­lel to the floor). Switch sides dur­ing next set.


Works whole body [A] Start in plank po­si­tion with one arm be­hind your back. [B] Jump for­ward, land­ing your feet right out­side your shoul­ders. [C] Spring up­wards and re­turn to start­ing po­si­tion. Switch arms dur­ing next set.


Works abs and thighs

[A] Lie on your back with both hands be­hind the nape of your neck. Lift your head, neck and shoul­ders off the floor with only your lower back pressed into the mat. Bring your legs straight into the air.

[B] Rotate both legs out­wards and away from your body, as if you’re draw­ing two cap­i­tal let­ter Ds back to back. [C] Re­turn legs to start­ing po­si­tion.


Works legs and abs

[A] Get into three-legged down­ward dog po­si­tion.

[B] Bring back leg in to­wards your chest. [C] Kick this same leg back as high as pos­si­ble, adding a hop at the end. Switch legs dur­ing next set.

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