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The rat­ing on the hunger scale (where 1 is rav­en­ous and 10 is too stuffed to move) when you have to eat in the next 10 min­utes or risk mow­ing through an en­tire or­der of na­chos. Stop eat­ing when you’re at 7 to avoid gain­ing weight, Diana says. “It’s a point where you’ll be hun­gry again in three to four hours,” she ex­plains. Hav­ing 400 to 500 calo­ries at each meal should keep you sa­ti­ated and pre­vent overeat­ing at your next meal. If you stop eat­ing at 8 (in­stead of 7) two or more times a week, you might be con­sum­ing more calo­ries than you need to get down to your nat­u­ral body weight.”

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