Shape (Singapore) - - Total Body Tune-up -

Works shoul­ders, chest, tri­ceps, abs, butt, quads

Sit on floor with legs ex­tended and palms press­ing into floor be­hind hips with fingertips fac­ing body. Press into hands and straighten arms to lift hips to start. [A] Bend arms back, low­er­ing hips to hover 2cm above floor. [B] Ex­plo­sively push up, ro­tat­ing over left side to come into plank on palms, [C] then im­me­di­ately do one push-up (arms bent straight back with el­bows tight to ribs). Ex­plo­sively push up and rotate over left side to re­turn to start. That’s 1 rep. Do 20 reps (al­ter­nat­ing sides for the flip), then jog in place for 30 sec­onds.




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