"How can i switch up my strenght rou­tine" ?”

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QGive your work­out a fo­cus by adding drop sets. Here’s how they work: You do a strength ex­er­cise us­ing mod­er­ate or heavy weights un­til you can’t man­age an­other rep, then quickly lower the weight and do the same ex­er­cise to fail­ure.

“This taxes your mus­cle fi­bres more than a typ­i­cal to-fail­ure set, so your body has to work harder than usual to re­pair them. This is how you build mus­cle and get a big­ger afterburn,” says Chris-Tye Walker, a trainer at Barry’s Boot­camp in Los An­ge­les.

Two of his sim­ple go-tos: heavy squats into lighter ones (or squat jumps with no weight), and heavy chest presses into lighter ones or push-ups. An­other way to shake things up is with su­per­sets, in which you per­form two ex­er­cises back to back with lit­tle to no rest in be­tween.

The key is to pair ex­er­cises that work dif­fer­ent mus­cles and vary move­ment pat­terns so one group re­cov­ers while the other does reps. “For ex­am­ple, try an up­per-body ex­er­cise [like a sit-up with a ball toss] with a lower-body move­ment like a squat,” says Wes Showal­ter, a strength and con­di­tion­ing spe­cial­ist in Chicago. “You’ll be able to bring the same in­ten­sity, if not more, to each ex­er­cise with­out tak­ing away from the other.”

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