Three new sci­ence-backed ways to stop sneez­ing and snif­fling if you’re af­fected by pollen.

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Take a pro­bi­otic daily, says Dr Leo Gal­land, au­thor of The Al­lergy So­lu­tion: Un­lock the Sur­pris­ing, Hid­den Truth about Why You Are Sick and How to Get Well. These healthy bugs have been proved to make you more re­sis­tant to al­ler­gens within about three weeks.


Take a cold shower be­fore you head out­side, Dr Gal­land says. “This stim­u­lates the sym­pa­thetic ner­vous sys­tem to com­bat al­lergy symp­toms.” It lasts for only four to six hours, so plan ac­cord­ingly.


Get re­lief from any noseor eye-re­lated al­lergy symp­toms you al­ready have, and pre­vent new ones from crop­ping up with a nasal spray.

You’ll also be more mo­ti­vated to ex­er­cise, a study in Sci­en­tific Re­ports found. Peo­ple who vis­ited green spa­ces at least once a week for about 30 min­utes worked out more of­ten than those who spent less time out­side.


“Fo­cus­ing on the parts of your sur­round­ings that you might or­di­nar­ily miss mul­ti­plies the restora­tive perks of be­ing out­side,” says Nina Smiley, the di­rec­tor of mind­ful­ness pro­gram­ming at Mo­honk Moun­tain House in New York. Im­mers­ing your­self in na­ture grounds you in the present mo­ment, which re­in­forces the men­tal ben­e­fits na­ture of­fers. Next time you’re out­doors, lis­ten to the sound leaves make when wind moves through them, or ex­am­ine the pat­tern of bark on a nearby tree.


Put a pic­ture of a gor­geous land­scape above your desk. When you can’t go out­side, sim­ply gaz­ing at that scenery will calm your mind and help you con­cen­trate, ac­cord­ing to a study in the jour­nal

Psy­cho­log­i­cal Sci­ence. While you’re at it, get a plant or two: Peo­ple per­formed bet­ter on a men­tally drain­ing task when there were plants in the room, re­search in the

Jour­nal of En­vi­ron­men­tal Psy­chol­ogy found. That’s be­cause look­ing at plants gives you a mini ver­sion of the men­tal re­fresh that na­ture pro­vides.

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