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“There is so much you can do on the tread­mill be­sides run­ning,” says Anna Kaiser, cre­ator of AKTread, a va­ri­ety­packed tread­mill work­out avail­able in her New York City AKTech­nique (AKT) stu­dios, and on her AKT On-De­mand app, on­de­mand.stu­ Try one of Anna’s go-tos: Have a set of 1.5kg to 4kg dumb­bells handy, and warm up by walk­ing at 5.6km/h on a 4.5 per cent in­cline for at least 2 min­utes. Then, with­out chang­ing your pace or in­cline, grab a dumb­bell in each hand and start to sculpt your up­per body with ham­mer curls (hold the weights so they’re ver­ti­cal and your palms face each other) and over­head presses for an­other 2 min­utes each. Next, lower the pace to 3.2km/h and put your in­cline at 0, then al­ter­nate be­tween 30 sec­onds each of skip­ping, side shuf­fling, gal­lop­ing, and jog­ging back­ward, switch­ing sides every 15 sec­onds as nec­es­sary. If you need to, use the tread­mill’s han­dles for bal­ance or sup­port. When you feel more com­fort­able, start in­creas­ing your speed and the length of your in­ter­vals, Anna says. Un­like run­ning for­ward, these moves work your body on mul­ti­ple planes of mo­tion, en­gag­ing more mus­cles, she ex­plains.

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