for­ward d lunge

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Works abs, butt, quads Stand with feetf hip-width apart, holdinng a weight in each handd with arms by sides. Steep left leg for­ward andd take 5 sec­onds too lower into a lunge, ben­nd­ing legs 90 de­grees [ shown]. Hold this poo­si­tion for 5 sec­onds. Pu­ush through right heel too re­turn to start. That’s 1 rep. Do 8 to 12 reeps. Switch sides; re­peaat. That’s 1 set. Do 4 sets.s

 SCALE DO OWN Per­form thee move with­out wei ghts.

 SCALE UP Take 5 seco ds to rise out of a lung ge and re­turn to start.

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