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Re­flect­ing Shi­seido’s be­lief that you can live life on your terms and achieve your own def­i­ni­tions of hap­pi­ness and ful­fil­ment, Shi­seido Ul­timune cre­ates a strong foun­da­tion for your skin to keep it strong and re­silient, and let your in­di­vid­ual beauty shine.

Your skin has spe­cial cells called Langer­hans cells, which can de­tect stres­sors like UV rays and pol­lu­tants. They also shield your skin and warn other cells about the stres­sors. But as you age, this nat­u­ral de­fence is whit­tled down day by day. Blitzed by ul­tra­vi­o­let rays, pathogens, ex­haust fumes and air-con­di­tion­ing, skin be­comes worn out and less able to de­fend it­self. When ex­posed to en­vi­ron­men­tal stres­sors, it sus­tains heavy dam­age and ages pre­ma­turely.

Think of Shi­seido Ul­timune Power In­fus­ing Con­cen­trate as skin strength in a bot­tle. It prom­ises to top up our skin’s “power” and re­silience each day to stress-proof it. No mat­ter what daily chal­lenges we face, this pre-serum is said to help our skin stay strong and youth­ful-look­ing.

Since daily as­saults erode skin’s nat­u­ral im­mu­nity, the first step is to re­build its nat­u­ral shield. The pre-serum con­tains the break­through Ul­timune Com­plexTM which em­pow­ers skin by boost­ing the func­tion of Langer­hans cells, al­low­ing it to de­fend and re­pair it­self prop­erly.


The unique Ul­timune Com­plex is said to reawaken the Langer­hans cells and re­store them to an op­ti­mum state, while stim­u­lat­ing mois­ture and col­la­gen pro­duc­tion. Shi­seido Ul­timune Power In­fus­ing Con­cen­trate is re­port­edly able to har­ness the in­her­ent power of your skin to pro­tect, re­gen­er­ate and strengthen it­self. When it’s no longer con­stantly over­whelmed by stress, your skin can bet­ter fend off fa­tigue and pre­ma­ture age­ing, and glow with flaw­less ra­di­ance.


Even with the very best sun­screens, ul­tra­vi­o­let rays and pol­lu­tion still pro­duce free rad­i­cals that al­ter and dam­age your skin at DNA level. This be­gins a chain re­ac­tion that leads to pre­ma­ture signs of age­ing. A lit­tle of this pre-serum goes a long way as it for­ti­fies your skin against free rad­i­cals with a botan­i­cal an­tiox­i­dant cock­tail made from herbs that thrive in the harsh­est en­vi­ron­ments. En­riched with ginkgo biloba leaves, perilla and wild thyme, it pur­port­edly mops up free rad­i­cals and elim­i­nates bac­te­ria for a ra­di­ant, healthy-look­ing com­plex­ion.


Be­cause true strength comes from holis­tic well­ness and in­ner bal­ance, the prod­uct con­tains the brand’s ImuCalm Com­pound, which has a sooth­ing, ex­quis­ite fra­grance of rose and lo­tus. Ap­ply it morn­ing and evening and let its scent re­lax you – when you’re re­laxed, your skin heals and ab­sorbs skin­care ac­tives bet­ter.


De­signed for women of all ages and with all skin types, the pre­serum should be used af­ter your cleanser and soft­ener to re­store your skin’s nat­u­ral equi­lib­rium, and mois­turise and strengthen it, to help it bet­ter ab­sorb the prod­ucts that follow.

Shi­seido Ul­timune Eye Power In­fus­ing Eye Con­cen­trate, and Power In­fus­ing Con­cen­trate.

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