Stream­line the most com­plex skin­care rou­tines and fo­cus on five es­sen­tial steps for fab­u­lous re­sults.

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Over the last decade, skin­care sci­ence has made sub­stan­tial leaps for­ward, with prod­ucts that pack more pow­er­ful ac­tives, work harder and pen­e­trate deeper than be­fore. Yet, skin­care rit­u­als have be­come more com­pli­cated than ever. In place of the ba­sic three-step – cleanse, tone and mois­turise – we now have mind-bog­gling 10-step, 12-step and 15-step reg­i­mens from South Korea. But do you re­ally need a cab­i­net full of lo­tions, and 30 ex­tra min­utes every morn­ing and night to achieve glow­ing skin? Luck­ily for the busy girl, the an­swer is “no”. You only need to use spe­cific care prod­ucts for your skin type.


UV rays, air pol­lu­tion, and even our cel­lu­lar me­tab­o­lism and var­i­ous skin pro­cesses cre­ate free rad­i­cals that con­trib­ute to pre­ma­ture age­ing. An­tiox­i­dants pro­tect skin by bind­ing with these free rad­i­cals and neu­tral­is­ing them, thereby pre­vent­ing in­flam­ma­tion and re­duc­ing the look of pig­men­ta­tion and wrin­kles. For best re­sults, use skin­care prod­ucts with an­tiox­i­dants morn­ing and night.

1. Sloane Inc Skin Drink S8.9 ($128.40) is an ul­tra-hy­drat­ing an­tiox­i­dant serum that soothes ex­tremely de­hy­drated skin and calms skin red­ness or ir­ri­ta­tion with squa­lene that comes from nat­u­rally sourced olives.

2. A pow­er­ful free-rad­i­cal fighter, Lan­come En­ergie de Vie The Liq­uid Care ($115) boasts a cock­tail of ex­tracts from an­tiox­i­dant su­per­foods such as goji berry and cran­berry. It also re­duces in­flam­ma­tion with lemon balm while giv­ing skin a shot of hy­dra­tion.

3. En­riched with perilla ex­tract, Shi­seido Ul­timune Power In­fus­ing Con­cen­trate ($105) prom­ises to neu­tralise free rad­i­cals to give you a more ra­di­ant-look­ing com­plex­ion. It also has ginkgo biloba leaf ex­tract, shiso, thyme, Bul­gar­ian rose wa­ter and yeast ex­tract to pro­tect and for­tify skin.


As we age, our bod­ies’ cel­lu­lar re­newal slows down, and our skin needs a lit­tle more help to slough off dead cells. The build-up of these dead cells as well as se­bum can clog pores, lead­ing to acne break­outs. That’s why you should make ex­fo­li­a­tion part of your weekly rit­ual – it gets skin feel­ing and look­ing smooth, soft and ra­di­ant, and en­hances the ab­sorp­tion of prod­ucts.

4. If you plan to ex­fo­li­ate daily, pick an ul­tra-gen­tle prod­uct such as Hada Labo AHA+BHA Mild Peel­ing Lo­tion ($17.90). Made with glu­conic acid, it pro­tects the skin’s mois­ture bar­rier while pol­ish­ing away dull­ness and soft­en­ing the look of fine lines.

5. Shi­seido Waso Soft+Cushy Pol­isher ($55) has a whipped-tofu-like texture and plant-based gran­ules to gen­tly buff away dead skin cells. Rich in lecithin de­rived from soya, it si­mul­ta­ne­ously hy­drates and soothes.

6. In a hurry? Lan­come En­ergie De Vie Ex­fo­li­at­ing Mask ($85) has lemon peel, jo­joba pearls and glyc­er­ine to ex­fo­li­ate and hy­drate skin in min­utes. Sim­ply mas­sage the prod­uct in, leave it on for three min­utes, then rinse off.

7. Re­move dead skin cells and al­low healthy ones to mi­grate to the sur­face with Sloane Inc Skin Su­per­food Pump­kin Pu­ri­fy­ing En­zyme Peel S3.6 ($69.55). En­riched with pump­kin en­zymes, it ex­fo­li­ates and is said to help re­duce red­ness as well.


Dur­ing the day, skin is too busy de­fend­ing it­self against sun and en­vi­ron­men­tal dam­age to fo­cus on re­pair. Free of such bur­dens at night, it bet­ter ab­sorbs ac­tive in­gre­di­ents for re­pair and re­newal. This means that what­ever you ap­ply – acne so­lu­tions, bright­en­ing ac­tives or wrin­kle cor­rec­tors – works bet­ter at night. This is es­pe­cially true for light­sen­si­tive in­gre­di­ents such as vi­ta­min C and retinol, which tend to break down with sun ex­po­sure and in­crease the like­li­hood of skin sen­si­tiv­ity.

8. An an­tibac­te­rial and an­ti­in­flam­ma­tory salve, Sloane Inc Acne Ther­apy Tonic S4.5 ($85.60) is said to tackle acne-caus­ing bac­te­ria, re­duce red­ness, un­clog pores and bal­ance skin se­bum lev­els.

9. Lan­come Blanc Ex­pert Me­lanol­yser [AI] In­tense Whiten­ing Spot Eraser ($165) light­ens spots with a syn­thetic form of vi­ta­min C and el­lagic acid, and en­cour­ages cell re­newal with sal­i­cylic acid.

10. For­mu­lated with pure retinol and bright­en­ing in­gre­di­ents, Shi­seido Vi­tal-Per­fec­tion Wrin­klelift Cream ($160) prom­ises to plump up skin while re­duc­ing the look of wrin­kles and ex­pres­sion lines for a smooth, ra­di­ant com­plex­ion.


Every day, your skin is sti­fled by im­pu­ri­ties. These in­clude toxic ex­haust par­ti­cles from heavy ve­hi­cles and cig­a­rette smoke, bac­te­ria from mo­bile phones, ox­i­dised se­bum, and mi­cro­scopic pig­ments that give makeup its sheen. If this layer of grime and gunk is not prop­erly re­moved, it can cause skin ir­ri­ta­tion and in­flam­ma­tion. This not only con­trib­utes to skin sen­si­tiv­ity and pre­ma­ture age­ing, but also forms a for­mi­da­ble bar­rier that pre­vents skin­care prod­ucts from fully pen­e­trat­ing it. Dou­ble cleans­ing each morn­ing and evening helps clean the slate. You can use the same cleanser, or start with a pu­ri­fy­ing one and fin­ish with a bal­anc­ing or treat­ment cleanser that helps to re­fresh or mois­turise.

1. Sloane Inc Ac­tive Cleans­ing Gel S2.3 ($53.50) is an oil-free prod­uct that re­moves ex­cess se­bum and dead cells with AHA and BHA for clear and shine-free skin.

2. Light­weight and non-greasy, Shi­seido Per­fect Cleans­ing Oil ($41) is said to gen­tly lift off wa­ter­proof makeup and im­pu­ri­ties with its Gen­tle Quick-re­mov­ing Tech­nol­ogy while detox­i­fy­ing skin.

3. Hada Labo AHA/BHA Foam­ing Wash ($15.90) has moringa seed ex­tract, phytic acid and biosac­cha­ride gum-4 to sweep away mi­cro­scopic pol­lu­tion par­ti­cles, while AHA and BHA re­fine pores.

4. Upon con­tact with wa­ter, Lan­come Miel-en-mousse ($75) trans­forms from a honey-like liq­uid into an air-whipped mousse. It also has aca­cia honey to mois­turise and soften de­hy­drated skin.


Parched skin looks dull and sunken, and its fine lines are more pro­nounced. A good mois­turiser pumps es­sen­tial hy­dra­tion into each cell for smoother and more lus­trous skin. Be­sides the im­me­di­ate hy­drat­ing ben­e­fits, a mois­turiser also keeps skin healthy in the long run by sup­port­ing its bar­rier to fend off pol­lu­tion par­ti­cles, and main­tain­ing the op­ti­mal en­vi­ron­ment for cel­lu­lar re­gen­er­a­tion.

5. Lan­come Ab­solue Pre­cious Cells In­tense Re­vi­tal­iz­ing Emul­sion ($350) boosts the skin’s hy­dra­tion lev­els. It also has Pro-Xy­lane to pro­tect against mois­ture loss, leav­ing skin look­ing plumped and smooth for easy makeup ap­pli­ca­tion.

6. Hada Labo Lift­ing+Firm­ing Cream ($41.90) sat­u­rates skin with four types of hyaluronic acid for in­stant hy­dra­tion. And it sup­pos­edly strength­ens the skin bar­rier to help lock in mois­ture. It is also said to en­hance the skin’s abil­ity to pro­duce col­la­gen, hyaluronic acid and elastin.

7. A lux­u­ri­ous overnight mois­turiser, Shi­seido Fu­ture So­lu­tion LX To­tal Re­gen­er­at­ing Cream ($390) in­fuses skin with mois­ture and in­gre­di­ents meant to pre­vent pre­ma­ture skin age­ing. These in­clude bur­net ex­tract to en­cour­age an op­ti­mal re­pair process.

For an added boost, you may want to in­clude oral sup­ple­ments in your beauty rou­tine. Try Beaute­science Es­the­white and Es­theshield ($199 for a twin pack). These are said to pro­tect against sun ex­po­sure and free rad­i­cals for more ra­di­ant, youth­ful look­ing skin.

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