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If you find it a chal­lenge to keep your skin ra­di­ant and even-toned, you may want to add oral sup­ple­ments from BeautéS­cience to your beauty reg­i­men.

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Be­ing con­sis­tent with your skin­care reg­i­men is the key to beau­ti­ful skin. Don’t throw out your skin­care prod­ucts just be­cause your beauty rou­tine doesn’t give you re­sults af­ter three to six months. First, try to step up your bright­en­ing and sun pro­tec­tion ef­forts with oral sup­ple­ments such as Es­the­White and Es­theShield by BeautéS­cience.

For­mu­lated in the United States, these sup­ple­ments work from in­side to com­ple­ment top­i­cal beauty prod­ucts. Suit­able for all skin types, they are de­signed to en­hance bright­en­ing ben­e­fits, pro­vide more com­pre­hen­sive de­fence against UV rays, and help you achieve that cov­eted in­ner ra­di­ance.


BeautéS­cience’s re­searchers have found that colour­less carotenoids – phy­toene and phytofluene – are na­ture’s most ef­fec­tive skin­bright­en­ing in­gre­di­ents. Carotenoids – pig­ments that give fruits and veg­eta­bles their colours – are also an­tiox­i­dants. The hu­man body can­not pro­duce them nat­u­rally, but we can get them from the plants we eat.

Es­the­White packs a high con­cen­tra­tion of colour­less carotenoids from non-ge­net­i­cal­ly­mod­i­fied toma­toes with the aim of mak­ing your skin look more ra­di­ant. Un­like reg­u­lar carotenoids, the ones used in Es­the­White are com­pletely colour­less and won’t stain skin.

When taken once a day in the morn­ing, this sup­ple­ment is said to in­hibit melanin for­ma­tion. This in turn re­duces the like­li­hood of dark spots and an un­even skin tone. Aside from its bright­en­ing prop­er­ties, Es­the­White re­port­edly pro­vides skin with sun pro­tec­tion and helps re­duce red­ness too.


If you are more con­cerned about get­ting enough sun pro­tec­tion, con­sider en­hanc­ing your skin’s de­fence against harm­ful UV rays with Es­theShield. It has a nat­u­ral fern ex­tract from the Ama­zon rain­for­est, poly­podium leu­co­to­mos, which is proven to pro­tect skin from sun ex­po­sure.

Es­theShield is said to en­hance the skin’s nat­u­ral pro­tec­tion against ul­tra­vi­o­let rays. The best part is: If you miss a spot when you ap­ply sun­screen, or sweat buck­ets at the beach, this sup­ple­ment acts as your “in­surance pol­icy” for com­pre­hen­sive sun de­fence.

Sun ex­po­sure aside, skin is also af­fected by in­ter­nal and ex­ter­nal stres­sors like pol­lu­tion, cig­a­rette smoke and emo­tional stress. These dam­age and dis­rupt the skin’s cells and func­tions, caus­ing signs of pre­ma­ture age­ing.

Es­theShield is said to pro­vide skin with pow­er­ful an­tiox­i­dants and anti-in­flam­ma­tory in­gre­di­ents for a well-rounded de­fence against all kinds of daily stres­sors. It is also be­lieved to soothe ir­ri­tated skin, cre­at­ing op­ti­mal con­di­tions for your skin to re­pair it­self.

From top: BeautéS­cience Es­theShield, and Es­the­White, $199 (sold as a twin pack, 30 cap­sules per pack).

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