Tell-tale signs that you’re un­der too much stress.

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There’s a thin line be­tween stress and burnout, and some­times it is hard to tell which is which. Con­sid­er­ing that stress can be a good thing oc­ca­sion­ally, it is also im­por­tant to be aware of what too much of it can do to your body and life­style, es­pe­cially if it is es­ca­lat­ing into burnout.

Burnout is when your body goes into shut­down mode af­ter a con­stant pe­riod of stress. And when you reach that point, it is more dif­fi­cult to man­age your per­sonal state of mind as it goes beyond the phys­i­cal ex­haus­tion. Here are five tell-tale signs:

1 You suf­fer from di­ges­tion prob­lems.

When stom­ach prob­lems per­sist, even with your diet mon­i­tored, this could in­di­cate that you’re on the brink of burnout. Your gut works al­most like your sec­ond brain, so that could mean your men­tal health needs some TLC. If you’re still un­sure, it’s best to see your doc­tor about it.

2 You’re con­stantly ex­hausted.

If you still feel ex­tremely worn out and lethar­gic, even af­ter clock­ing suf­fi­cient hours of sleep, it could mean that your body is at its break­ing point. Try to take a few days off from work to rest and re­cu­per­ate your body and soul.

3 You’re ir­ri­ta­ble most of the time.

Your pa­tience will al­ways wear thin when you’re on the verge of burnout. This could lead to fre­quent dis­agree­ments or con­stant snaps at your other half, friends or even col­leagues.

4 You’re con­stantly fall­ing sick.

Your im­mune sys­tem tends to take the fall for sky-high stress lev­els. And that’s when you eas­ily catch any bug that’s go­ing around the of­fice or home, so do check your­self when you fall ill way too of­ten or when your com­mon cold takes too long to clear.

5 You’ve stopped go­ing out.

If you’re al­ways turn­ing down in­vi­ta­tions to head out with your friends sim­ply be­cause you feel like stay­ing home by your­self, that could be a sign of im­mi­nent burnout. When this hap­pens, there’s no need to force your­self to so­cialise im­me­di­ately, but try head­ing out of the house for a walk or to get a cup of cof­fee. Baby steps!

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