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Eggs make the per­fect base for meals or snacks. And since they are so ver­sa­tile, you can get cre­ative and whip them into savoury en­trees, brunch dishes, desserts, and even healthy cock­tails. Here are our favourite ways to en­joy them.

Soft- boiled eggs

Sliced hard-boiled eggs are great on sal­ads or in sand­wiches, but soft-boiled eggs in the morn­ing are a treat. Make sure to boil them for only a few min­utes if you want yolks that are still runny.

Break­fast bur­rito

Stuffed with scram­bled eggs, lean turkey sausage, and diced toma­toes, a whole­wheat break­fast bur­rito is ac­tu­ally a healthy, fill­ing lunch op­tion. Add some low­cal gua­camole for an ex­tra flavour boost.

Egg salad

Mash hard-boiled eggs and flavour with mus­tard. Then add pep­per, chopped cel­ery, pars­ley and al­mond sliv­ers for a healthy egg salad. Layer the mix­ture be­tween slices of bread for a has­sle-free lunch.

Egg white omelette

If you’re mon­i­tor­ing your choles­terol lev­els, you can still en­joy the ben­e­fits of eggs. Sep­a­rate the choles­terol-free egg whites from the yolks to make a heart-healthy omelette.


An en­tire corn and bell pep­per quiche will keep you sat­is­fied for days. Mak­ing it with egg whites and soya milk gives it a health­ful twist.

Scram­bled eggs

Beat a few raw eggs to­gether and scram­ble for a quick, sat­is­fy­ing break­fast. Make it the per­fect por­ta­ble meal by pil­ing the eggs on top of a toasted English muf­fin, which is low in carbs and calo­ries.

Sunny side up

A de­li­cious sunny side up takes only min­utes to cook. While you’re at it, chop up some pota­toes and veg­gies to toss into the pan and whip up a stir-fry to ac­com­pany your pro­tein-packed egg.


Fold mush­rooms and diced bell pep­pers into an omelette for a nu­tri­tious, veg­gie-packed dish. One tip for mak­ing omelettes ex­tra creamy? Beat some non­fat milk into the egg bat­ter be­fore fry­ing.

Poached eggs

A per­fectly poached egg on a slice of whole­grain toast is de­li­cious. And since it’s cooked in noth­ing but wa­ter with a dash of vine­gar, poach­ing is one of the health­i­est ways to pre­pare an egg.

Dev­illed eggs

Give creamy dev­illed eggs a makeover with fat-free may­on­naise and chopped cel­ery. If you’re en­ter­tain­ing, im­press guests by adding a dash of curry pow­der and a squeeze of lemon juice to the yolks.

Steamed eggs

A steamer is much eas­ier to clean than scrap­ing dried yolk off a fry­ing pan! Whisk sev­eral eggs to­gether with wa­ter or low­sodium chicken broth, pour into in­di­vid­ual cups or a large bowl, and place in a steamer.

Egg drop soup

Driz­zle slightly beaten raw egg into a pot of boil­ing broth for an in­stant pro­tein boost. This re­sults in white and yel­low egg swirls that cook im­me­di­ately be­fore you add corn­starch to thicken the soup.

Chopped egg salad

If you’re try­ing to find a good use for spare hard­boiled eggs, chop into quar­ters and place them over a sim­ple mix of greens. The eggs do dou­ble duty by adding nu­tri­tional value to the salad and keep­ing you feel­ing full for hours!

One- minute eggs

The fastest way to cook an egg is in the mi­crowave. Beat a raw egg with a lit­tle non-fat milk, pour into a mi­crowavesafe mug, and heat for just one minute. Feel free to sea­son with herbs or spices.

Tea eggs

All you have to do is im­merse hard-boiled eggs in a mari­nade of soya sauce and tea. They’re a great, healthy, on-the-go snack!

Baked eggs

For an im­pres­sive-look­ing brunch dish, carve out a hole in the cen­tre of a break­fast bun, drop a raw egg into it, and place it in the oven to bake. Tip: Use multi­grain rolls for a fi­bre boost.

Egg Frit­tata

Like its cousin the omelette, the frit­tata is fast and easy to as­sem­ble. The im­por­tant thing is to use low-fat cheese and lots of veg­eta­bles such as toma­toes and spinach.

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