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Some­thing for women in their 20s and 30s would likely leave this out. Our body can­not pro­duce this, so it is im­por­tant to get it through our diet or sup­ple­ments. Omega-3 fatty acids, usu­ally con­tained in fish oil cap­sules, help to pro­mote heart and eye health, and im­prove skin as well as hair qual­ity. they are also said to be able to en­hance mem­ory and pro­mote brain health dur­ing preg­nancy and early life, re­duce symp­toms of meta­bolic syn­drome, and fight in­flam­ma­tion as well as au­toim­mune dis­eases. Probiotics are good bac­te­ria that help to pro­mote healthy di­ges­tive func­tions. they are also well-known as one of the best sup­ple­ments for women want­ing to main­tain uri­nary and vagi­nal health. Re­cur­ring episodes of uri­nary tract in­fec­tions (UtI) are com­mon be­cause of our shorter ure­thra and fre­quent hor­monal changes in life (pu­berty, preg­nancy, and menopause).

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