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Aim for at least 25g of fi­bre every day; most of us get only about 16g. Eat a va­ri­ety of fruits, veg­eta­bles, whole grains, beans, and nuts (see the op­po­site page for some of the tasti­est high-fi­bre foods), and you’ll end up with the right mix of dif­fer­ent types of fi­bre, Sarah says. And as you up your fi­bre in­take, drink more wa­ter to pre­vent stom­ach up­set, she says. Your new goal: nine glasses a day.

Some pack­aged foods con­tain “func­tional fi­bre,” like psyl­lium and in­ulin. While it’s okay to eat this type to help fill the gaps, eat­ing whole foods gives you the ben­e­fit of other nu­tri­ents as well.

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