Don’t let achy joints stand in the way of a t and healthy life­style.

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As if it isn’t chal­leng­ing enough to get started on your work­outs, some­times the ache in your knee or hip gives you even more rea­son to call it quits. Be­fore you know it, the pain may be­come un­bear­able and you nd your­self set­tling for a seden­tary life­style. But that doesn’t al­ways have to be the case. Here are ve ways to main­tain strong and healthy joints re­gard­less of your age.

WARM UP Never un­der­es­ti­mate the im­por­tance of a proper warm-up be­fore your work­outs. It will help to loosen up your mus­cles and pre­pare your body for move­ment. It is best to in­cor­po­rate warm-up ex­er­cises that mimic your ac­tual work­out. For in­stance, do a slow jog be­fore you run.

CHANGE THINGS UP High-im­pact ex­er­cises like run­ning and high-in­ten­sity in­ter­val train­ing are great, but low-im­pact work­outs are es­sen­tial to give your joints much-needed re­lief, so don’t for­get to in­cor­po­rate them into your tness rou­tine. Swim­ming is great to get your heart rate pump­ing with­out putting pres­sure on your joints.

WEAR PROPER SHOES Shoes that are not of the right t will place un­nec­es­sary stress on your hips and knees. It is also im­por­tant to re­place your shoes when they’re worn out, as old shoes won’t be able to pro­vide as much cush­ion­ing, and may ex­ac­er­bate joint pain.

RE­JIG YOUR ROU­TINE Switch up your ex­er­cises reg­u­larly to tar­get dif­fer­ent mus­cle groups. If you are al­ways run­ning, try al­ter­nat­ing your ses­sions with up­per body work to avoid putting too much stress on your lower body, and al­low those joints to rest.

TAKE SUP­PLE­MENTS Some­times, our bod­ies need a lit­tle more help when it comes to strength­en­ing and re­pair­ing. To ease and pre­vent achy joints, try Borsch Med All in 1 For­mula for Joints, which has been well-re­ceived since its launch in 2016. It was also a win­ner of the Unity Pop­u­lar Choice Awards 2016.

The All in 1 For­mula for Joints is great for those who pre­fer liq­uid sup­ple­ments as you can mix it into your drinks. This in­ten­sive and com­plete sup­ple­ment con­sists of glu­cosamine, col­la­gen, chon­droitin and rose hip ex­tract to im­prove ex­i­bil­ity of your joints, re­pair worn- out car­ti­lage and re­lieve joint inam­ma­tion. What’s more, it comes in con­ve­nient sa­chet packs – per­fect to take with you on the go.

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