Tar­get all your mus­cles – es­pe­cially the idle ones – with this HIIT work­out that has max­i­mum im­pact on fat burn, and min­i­mum im­pact on joints.

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Tar­get all your mus­cles with this HIIT work­out that has max­i­mum im­pact on fat burn, and min­i­mum im­pact on joints.

TTo get lean, you have to train mean. And that in­volves do­ing strength-based high­in­ten­sity in­ter­val train­ing (HIIT), like those of ath­letes’. While such HIIT work­outs are big on move­ment and speed, they don’t al­ways have to be high-im­pact.

We got Rea­gan Kang, direc­tor of bou­tique gym Haus Athletics, to de­sign a low-im­pact HIIT work­out that’s safe for all – even those with bad knees – so the only ache you’ll ex­pe­ri­ence is in your mus­cles, not the joints. And you’re go­ing to love it. While many HIIT rou­tines fo­cus on rep­e­ti­tion, this one is all about va­ri­ety. “The 13 ex­er­cises will take you from stand­ing to go­ing on all fours, so you’ll be hav­ing fun through­out in­stead of star­ing at the timer,” says Rea­gan.

A mod­i­fied and con­densed ver­sion of Leanout, one of Haus Athletics’ sig­na­ture pro­grammes, this Shape- ex­clu­sive work­out em­pha­sises lat­eral move­ments to tar­get the oft-ne­glected side mus­cles, such as your glutes and in­ner thighs, for all-over shap­ing. Ac­cord­ing to Rea­gan, “many women don’t do enough of th­ese moves. The com­bi­na­tion of to­tal-body strength train­ing and ex­plo­sive bursts of car­dio in this plan will help you de­velop long, lean mus­cles and turn you into a fat-burn­ing ma­chine.”

Be­cause this ef­fi­cient work­out takes just 30 min­utes or less, here’s the catch: You have to go all out, to the point where you can’t say a word and feel like giv­ing up. Start by do­ing it twice a week, then build up to thrice weekly with rest days in be­tween ses­sions to al­low your body to recover. Re­mem­ber, each work­out will only make you stronger than the last.

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