Bulbs in dif­fer­ent colours de­liver a rain­bow of health ben­e­fits that make you feel strong, rested, and fo­cused. Here’s how to ac­ti­vate their power.

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Ac­ti­vate the power of dif­fer­ent-coloured bulbs to feel strong, rested, and fo­cused.


Ex­po­sure to blue light dur­ing the day can make you feel more alert and im­prove re­ac­tion time, fo­cus, and productivity, ac­cord­ing to re­search from Brigham and Women’s Hos­pi­tal in Bos­ton. “Photo re­cep­tors in the eye, which link to the ar­eas of the brain that con­trol alert­ness, are most sen­si­tive to blue light. There­fore, when blue light hits them, the re­cep­tors set off ac­tiv­ity in those brain re­gions, mak­ing you more en­er­gised,” says Shadab Rah­man, the study’s author. An­other perk: Day­time ex­po­sure may pro­tect your z’s from the dis­rup­tive effects of blue light at night, a study from Upp­sala Univer­sity in Swe­den found. “When you get a lot of bright light dur­ing the day, lev­els of mela­tonin, a hor­mone that makes you sleepy, are sup­pressed,” study author Frida Rangtell says. “In the evening, mela­tonin in­creases sharply and night­time blue-light

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